Ilgm never received mesh

I bought seeds through ilgm using mesh. The money has been taking out of my bank and I applied the money pack and payed for the order. Yet Support keeps telling me to apply it or hit the big red button but I can’t, I already did and payed. There is no big red button just your order # has been confirmed not letting me go to the last thank you tab on the checkout.this is really frustrating I send them all the screenshots of the order and deducted money from my account but. They still say they didn’t get it

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How long ago? When I pay by card. Its pulled an sometimes takes 3-5 days for them to actually get it, but do know @ILGM.Stacy can help

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I purchased them on may 13th, 4 days ago then recieved this message

“The seeds you have been checking out sold to someone else, just like I said it would.”

On growerschoice it indeed took a few days for the order to go through but ilgm said they already sold my order. Even if it takes a few days once the get the payment. Will they re do the order since its now gone?

I’m not sure what will be done, but stacy has been tagged an she will know

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Thank you for providing all the screenshots, that helps a lot! :slight_smile:
Our financial department will get back about this very shortly. It takes a bit longer due to the weekend passing but we are looking into this!