ILGM mobile device button

Hi crew
On my phone i have the ILGM button that takes me straight here. I would like the same for my tablet.
When on my phone a got a pop up asking to add to home screen, but have not had that on tablet.
Can anyone help?
I am not viewing site as desktop which i tried but nothing happened

They’re could be a few ways to get a button on your tablet that would bring you to this site.

Are you using chrome on your tablet?

If so, the 3 dots top right, when you click that there may be an add to home button

Here is the URL that brings you to the forum

You could use that url and create a shortcut or bookmark.

Let me know if you need more help/guidance

What tablet you are using and how you are accessing the Internet on it would help me assist you further.


@Syndrix you are a legend Bro. Thank you. The three dots menu was the key. Thank you

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Glad we got through that so easy! Happy growing bro!
Thanks for letting me know it worked!
You’re welcome! :grin::grin::+1:

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Dam it, the add to home screen was directly above view as desktop.

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