ILGM MERCH - Strain shirts!

I prefer hats, myself. (hint hint)


I definitely concur

Do you have these in decals as well?? I would kill to get these in either decals or banners for my grow lab!!!

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That would be sweet if so

I’m in for some decals.


Thanks for your time greatly appreciated

That chem dog is :sunglasses:

Hi just joined need help want to ask a question but can’t figure it out or do I just start here

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Are you wanting to ask a question about T-shirts, or a general question in the grow forum? However; It appears you asked a question. How can I help you?


t’s almost impossible to get famous for growing cannabis.

With the notable exception of certain harvest competitions and Cannabis Cups, there currently exists little by way of public acclaim for those who cultivate the world’s finest examples of the plant—a most regrettable oversight that exists in large part due to the forced anonymity of prohibition.

But also because most of the scant attention that does exist in this realm has been lavished upon cannabis breeders, who cross one strain with another to create entirely new varietals. Some of these go on to become household names (at least in households with a bong in them)


T-shirts and hoodies are dope! Definitely going to get some! Awesome art work! A++

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Shirts are really cool would really love the skunk one just dont want to advertise my grow operation.


@ILGM.Stacy any word on tall sizes?

Right now the only t shirts I’ve been able to wear is by a small us company called. TallslimT’s

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Is there any option to get the shirts without the text? Graphic only?

I love the graphic design of many of these, but I would prefer the shirt not to say LSD, for instance.


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First I’ve seen of this, will need to get some shirts.


Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, the strain names are a part of the pre-made designs, we can’t remove them from the designs.


Yes. You’re right. I too felt so.

Umm what’s the point to look when everything is sold out. How do u run out of shirts for sale I can see seeds being down but shirts I won’t be purchasing any of these anytime soon as there r none to purchase