ILGM MERCH - Strain shirts!


@stretchgfw.1957 mine came in about a week after it said they shipped them


Thanks brother. Should be here any time now.:wink::sunglasses:


Woohoo I love mine


Mine got caught in the bank fraud control. All is good now. Got my t- shirt and some Bergman nut’s coming any time now!


What get you get man? Did the size you ordered fit you well?:sunglasses:


@DesertGrowers rocking that Gelato tee!


I love mine :wink:


:alien:TAKE ME TO YOUR GROWER :flying_saucer:

here’s a shirt design for you


@ILGM.Support.Stacy do you ship hoodies to UK and would I get free seeds with them ??


Unfortunately not! :frowning:


@ILGM.Support.Stacy so :frowning: them hoodies look the business to maybe 1 day a mail order will be set up for UK market