ILGM MERCH - Strain shirts!


@420People try doing a search for them in your browser if we do not have them
We are not here to promote other seed banks
Hope you understand this forum is paid for by ILGM and if free for all to use but we cant allow promoting of competitors site :wink:
Welcome to the forum by the way hope to see you around
We will help you even if the seeds are not ours once you find them
Happy seed hunting :v:️CB


Is there a blueberry shirt ?


Yes there is! :smile:

Are there any South Park fans around who 'member what episode inspired the designer to make this shirt? :sweat_smile:


Member berries lmfao @ILGM.Support.Stacy


Aw yeah :laughing:


New here. Where is the link to the shop?


@dankweeddelivery here you go


For the people who already received their shirts, please post some pics because we’d love to see you all wearing them! :smiley:

Still haven’t ordered one? Head over to


Woohoo my shirts should be here today
I got a gold leaf and NYC diesel
Cant wait to get home a check them out


@ILGM.Support.Stacy Just curious , if I bought seeds and a shirt could they be sent in the same package . It would be a good excuse to get more seeds . lol


Exciting! We are hoping to receive our shirts at the ILGM office next week. :smile:

@Seeddog For now we have to keep the seedbank and T shirt store separated so you will receive 2 packages. But perhaps in the future we can combine the two, allot of people are asking for it. :laughing:


Understood… Thank you .


I think the shirts would be excellent… camouflage. Maybe seeds taped conveniently inside the shirt? Just a thought. Excellent work


Hey Stacy, see what I was talking about? 5+shirt. Make it happen!


We hear you all! Unfortunately it’s not possible at this point. :frowning:

What do y’all think about the hoodies?


Not even a coupon code from a seed purchase for a discount on the shirt site?


Just ordered AK 47. Grew it this year with great results. Maybe i’m starting a trend. Hopefully! LOL😎


The Skywalker OG / Wart shirt is cool I get it. :slight_smile:


Did you already receive your shirt @stretchgfw.1957

We received our shirts last week! We should post some pictures soon, right? :wink:


We offer free shipping within the US! :ok_hand:


Have not recieved my shirt yet. I will check again today. Thanks @ILGM.Support.Stacy