ILGM MERCH - Strain shirts!


We hope you all know we just launched our new online store, because if you don’t know it already… You should take a look around asap! :grin:

There’s a awesome design made for everyone’s favorite strain to wear on a tee or a hoodie!
Did you already find your strain? Share your thoughts and favorites and don’t forget to tell your fellow grow friends!

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues
Countryboys 2018 indoor and one plant outdoor grow

My personal fave: Candy Kush! :candy:


@Hogmaster here it is brother
Woohoo T-shirt shop is open
I cant wait to get mine :wink:
Awesome :clap:
Love the art work :v:️CB


And it is a pay week so I can get two!!!





Me too I love that one too @ILGM.Support.Stacy


Have the Super-Skunk T on my wishlist. Now what you need is a “5 + a Matching Shirt” deal :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I think a 1% net royalty would be fine LOL

Seriously though, I’d buy one each time I bought seeds. Just make it another option up by the “5” “10” “10+10”
Have 5, 5+matching shirt, etc.


I like the idea of a shirt and seed bundle


See! I told you! LOL

Or you could have a discount for shirts for a verified purchase of that strain. Like a coupon code or something. (since the shops don’t appear to be linked)


Yup great idea. Banner and GDP for the win!


And instead of royalties, I’d settle for a 5-pack and a T :slight_smile:

:thought_balloon: I always wanted to try LSD… or Powerplant :wink:


They look awesome. Great job!


Aw yeah! What strain are you going to pick? :slight_smile:


We love that idea! Who knows in the future, maybe in the future… :thinking:

What do y’all think of this one? :laughing:


'Dang it Bobby!" Kush


I’d like to see Blue Cheese!!


We got you!

Of course, also available as a hoodie or tank top. :cheese:


That one needs a super-hero mouse eating the cheese :wink: