ILGM Master Kush grow

Got some training wire and did a good amount of LsT to open up the bottom to light. Ppm and Ph are doing good ppm went down and ph went down both just a little. That never happens I think my feed is right for how big she is.

She perked right back up starting to look good temps a little low because of a cold front trying to figure out a better temp regulation system if anybody has tips would be helpful. Currently I have a window ac unit sitting on top of a fridge in my garage blowing air into my tent through a hose but it seems to get too cold most of the time I have no temp regulation on the ac since the front is nowhere near where the ac is going and it just reads hot in my garage always. No small portable ac units either they are all pretty large. I’ll figure something out tho. Anyways update pics
Beyoncé as she was named. ILGM Master Kush

Stevie 2.0 Nirvana Hawaii Maui Waui Auto

No feed on her yet but soon a 1/2-1/4feed to be safe will go lower if I need.

Ok wow roots are going crazy now ph went up from 6.07-6.23 but I’m gonna let it swing around and only if it goes up past 6.5 will I ph down.

Seeing slight nutrient burn. But ppm is going down again it went up for 2 days in a row and now back down some. Not seeing anything bad in the rez smells a little wierd but not how it smelled when it had rot bad. Here’s top pics

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Those new roots look healthy!!