ILGM Master Kush grow

Ok one week one day later and 3rd bleach treatment and wow. Plant is still struggling to catch up with root production but wow it’s working. Everything is now growing. Can’t see roots but with the way it’s starting to boom I know she is on the way to full recovery. I will continue with bleach until the root mass gets big enough and then will switch back to bennies again. Give the plant some time to 100% recover and I know she will be happy. I know it doesn’t look much different than all the other pics I’ve posted but this is so much improvement the amount of growth in the past 2 days has easily tripled. It was growing so slow because of my temps and the constant rez changes not to mention the root rot of course choking it out.

If anybody is wondering if it is safe to use bleach to treat root rot it is. 1ml per 5 gal of water will not kill your plant and not only that but it will work better than h2o2 in my opinion. Some algae slime whatever you want to call it like what I had will thrive in dark cold oxygen rich environments such as any normal rez. If you are fighting and can’t find an answer. BLEACH.

Looking good still today going to be keeping the nutrients at the same level and adding some more water very soon as ppm is starting to go up.

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Topped her so hopefully she will stay short and I can scrog her out. Looking better every day now. Nutrient change very soon.

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Gave more nutrients still looking good and getting bigger!


The bottom leaves are damaged from the root rot a bit ago all green has been coming in with slight nutrient burn but I’ve been keeping it low on the feeding still.

Morning pics :heart_eyes:

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Looks happy!!

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Yep it’s looking good still every day roots and leaves are popping up and I’d say she is happy too. Here’s todays pics both before and after LST.


Ok water change back to 3 gal or approx 12l of water

Week 3 Feeding schedule :tada::tada::tada: in order
Micro- 35ml
Bleach .6ml
Pics when lights turn on.

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Some small deficiency is showing up on leaves so if you know what is it please let me know.

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Here are close ups on the leaves any help s appreciated as always.


@Myfriendis410 do you know the science behind hydrogen peroxide in rez. I’m curious on dosage and curious if it would kill enzymes or hydro guard. I am currently using bleach but I believe that you said it can hurt my plants and bennies can’t be used. I’m looking to keep my rez clean and happy but also use bennies to boost my root growth. If you know or know anybody who does feel free to tag them I appreciate the help.

Bleach is a no-no: you can never remove all of the residue.

Straight 3% is just about ideal 'though you can reduce that down and run longer. You can also pick up some 10% at a beauty supply store then dilute down for a larger volume. Frankly it’s so cheap that I just use it for everything. It even works to remove chlorine/chloramines from tap water.

It will nuke any microbes you have in the system but all you need to do is dose as normal with Hydroguard. That will re-establish your bacterial colonies.

You can rinse roots with peroxide although I’d dilute it down to 1% or so. You can run it through your lines, spray down totes and tent walls etc. and leaves no residue.

If you need extra cleaning power you can use paracetic acid which is peroxide and acetic acid combined. White vinegar alone is also a good disinfectant.


Ok I think I’ll go with the paracetic acid for DWC how much should I use per L or G. Also how long would this stay in my rez for. I was looking online and it says about 4 days for just hydrogen peroxide. I’m looking for a deep clean before I reintroduce bennies. Should I just do a 12 hour flush next water change with the paracetic acid and then reintroduce after or is that a little far lol.

Another quick question when it comes to that residue(if you know what it is I would also like to know) you are talking about how could I possibly help get rid of it. I was under the impression bleach turned into salt and water over time not that I want salt in rez but I didn’t think it was bad. Especially with the amounts I was using.

Peroxide is usually plenty and I would not run it over 4 hours or so then drain and refill system. Bleach has other things in it that remain behind: chlorine will dissipate over time.


Ok I was using peroxide instead of bleach and now I have root rot again I think. :grimacing: I’m switching back to bleach because it was working roots were white and looked good now it’s this

I don’t know how bleach is going to harm my plant other than residue which I still do not fully understand but bad roots is worse than residue in my opinion.

Small deficiency or something from this whole experience. Also growing slower and root growth has basically stopped.

Ok after doing some research I have learned that UC roots has some type of chlorine in it but is made to support root zones . Bought it one day Amazon so it should be here tomorrow. I will be using this instead of bleach or h2o2. I also heard about chlorine resistant microbes such as slf 100 that could help my root zone even with h2o2 or chlorine. Will wait to see if UC roots works first before I spend an extra $40. Most people with root chillers or cold root zones say this works great. I sure hope so.

Update 1/2 for today. Last night I installed my new RO Buddy system. I’m not paying for clean water at the store anymore​:tada::partying_face:. Since UC Roots is coming today within the hour last night I decided to do a deep flush after I checked on the roots and they still seemed like they had rot on them granted the bleach made them look a little better. Used new ro water to fill rez all the way to a little past the net pot. Added a small and I mean less than normal amount(1ml per 5gal) of bleach at around 10:30 at night from 0ppm to 7ppm so 7ppm of bleach in rez . Now I thought the plants might not like just ro water and bleach but I knew it would survive since it’s a photo and I’m not gonna loose harvest from it just some more stress to add to the stash lol. Surprisingly when I got home from work plant looked normal. I have never did a long flush more than 2 hours but honestly I think the plant even perked up a bit. Sprayed down roots with h2o2 to try to kill whatever’s left. When the UC Roots gets in I will Introduce nutrients at week 3 strength again since I think she needs a bit to catch up. Here are the roots now and some update pics.

On another note. Last night I also started a seed in paper towel with ro water. Nirvana Hawaii Maui Waui Autoflower. This will be my first autoflower and I will for certain need some help in the details. Now tag anybody you know who can help with autos lol. From what I have read autos can be a bit more tricky and unforgiving. So good luck to me. Will update later tonight after I change the nutes.

Water level in the bucket looks awful high. Your net pot is a couple inches above right?