ILGM Lowryder Grow - Big Yeild Fast!

Purpose of Grow: Can I grow Lowryder in 10 weeks from seed and harvest a worthwhile crop in terms of quantity and quality. This is my 3rd grow, I learned a ton from the first two (ILGM White Widow Auto, ILGM Maui Wowie Photoperiod) so I went into this grow much more educated. I researched the Lowryder Strain and found that if given large pots, good lighting, pH control and reasonable feeding they can grow rather large and go from seed to harvest in 70 days. Here is a photo of one of 4 plants at 38 days from seed, just over 5 weeks.

This plant is 26 inches tall, much larger than the average of 12 inches for Lowryder, and looks like it will produce a very nice yeild. If I had to guess it will be north of 2 oz but only time will tell!

Grow Setup: here is a pic of the grow room…

The room is 3ft x 4ft and is 8ft tall. I have three 7 gal. pots filled with Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. A 600 watt and 300 watt LED light with pulley adjustment.

The room also has an exhaust vent/fan to pull fresh air into the grow room and to evacuate heat and smell. I live in the country so smell pumped outside is not an issue, I could add a carbon filter to remove the smell if needed.

There is a circulating fan, providing good air movement in the grow room and light timer circuit, I’m running the lighting 18/6 for the full grow. Im able to maintain a daytime (lights on) temp of 74 to 78 deg. and a night time temp between 67 and 70 Deg. The humidity moves between 40% and 60%, moving higher after watering.

42 days from seed and here are the two Lowryder sisters:

Both plants were started at the same time but obviously one plant is maturing faster, looks like about 7 days ahead. But the second plant has not hit final stretch and should get bigger. You can see the yardstick in the photo and yes these Lowryders are 30 inches tall! They are more than 24 inches wide and have developed a huge number of bud sites.

I’m running an experiment in the third pot with 2 plants in a single 5 gal. pot. These plants are a week behind the two large plants. I’ve read different opinions on 2 plants to a pot and wanted to see how it impacts yield, in a good or bad way. At this point I can’t make any judgements on what the outcome will be…

A couple of early buds, 42 days from seed. This plant is 31 inches tall 24 inches wide and has a large number of bud sites. I’m very interested to see what the final yeild will be for this Lowryder!

45 Days from seed and this monster Lowryder just hit 38 inches tall. Everything I read said Lowryder rarely exceeds 20 inches. ! I would have topped this big girl if I knew she could have handled it but everything I read said not to because of short life and already short height.

48 Days from seed and I noticed the trichomes forming… they look milky to me already but this girl has weeks to go.

49 Days from seed, thats 7 weeks for you math challenged.

Both plants are now putting all energy into flowers and not adding height. One topped out at 33 3/4 inches and the other at a surprising 43 inches!

If either of these plants finish in 21 days I will be very pleasantly surprised… 28 to 35 days is my guess at this point.

53 days from seed and the buds are really starting to pick-up steam! Lots of trichomes forming and the plants are looking healthy. The largest has topped 45 inches tall! I’m getting a little more optimistic that at least one of the plants will be ready for harvest between 70 and 80 days… that’s really exciting since I’m very close to running out of the Maui Wowie i harvested last year.

Just hit 63 days from seed (9 weeks) the lowryders are doing well. This 34 inch plant is the most mature , my feeling is at least another 2 weeks.

I would be very OK with that because 2 weeks more growth on these buds will be very nice.

This 4 ft tall beast is covered in buds … it may have 3 or 4 weeks to go but we will see. I would like to harvest at 10% amber.

I’ve really enjoyed this Lowryder grow so far. The size of the plants have exceeded my expectations and I feel the harvest will as well. The 70 days from seed to harvest will most likely not be met. This may be related to the fact that these plants are so much larger than the average Lowryder, don’t know for sure. I will be flushing with Flawless Finish but I’m waiting until i see the trichomes starting to turn amber.

I just like the looks of marijuana flower, so here is the latest at 64 days from seed.

Today is 10 weeks from seed and I could harvest one of the plants if I wanted but I feel its still at least a week away… i want some amber trichomes. The buds are covered in trichomes but as you can see they are a combination of milky and clear.

I flushed one plant at 11 weeks from seed with Flawless Finish. … it really looks great, here is a bud and a trichome closeup.

I’ll keep a close eye on the trichomes over the next week or so… looking for 10% amber.


I’ll be watching

Just updated the Lowryder grow at week 9… so far so good!

Those are excellent pics of beautiful plants. Let us know what the dry weight ends up being.

I finally harvested the first Lowryder at 13 weeks. This was the smallest of the plants and is just over 3 oz dried, it’s now in jars. I took this one down with mostly cloudy trichomes, so a little earlier than wanted but it smokes very nice with a very cool buzz.
The other plants are big and still have a week or two to go… I’m estimating 8 oz from those plants but we will see! This bud picture is of the largest plant and is still a week or two away from harvest.


Beauty colours on that cola.

Took the second lowryder down with the main cola weighing 72 grams before drying. There is no doubt there will be a very nice yeild on this grow but it is taking 3 to 4 weeks longer than I had hoped… but I’m still very happy with this grow!


now that’s a cola!

Maad thread and nice looking ladies mate

How did you go about feeding?
And how are the twins in single pot doing? Has there been major difference in growth or hunger for nutes?

Am looking at doing a couple lowryder #2 as my next round and this thread has peeked my interest with those girls looking awesomes

The pot with 2 plants was an accident when a seed came up a week late. I rolled with it and all went well… this huge cola is from the 2 plant pot. The other main cola was much smaller but still very nice. I like to keep the buds on stick in large mason jars during the cure, it seems easier for me to control RH.

I started using PPM measurements half way into the grow and realized I was under feeding. PPM was easy to measure and helped tremendously when measuring the runoff water to adjust my feeding. The 2 plant pot will be very close to 4 oz cured so I was happy with that outcome. The last plant is enormous, over 4ft tall and I had to tie it up because of the weight of the buds.

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I took the last and largest, 4ft tall, Lowryder down and have been hesitant to post the final dried weight. I re-weighed 3 times to make sure it was correct because it was hard for me to believe that this plant gave up 290 grams of really good smoke!! That’s over 10 oz! This plant took 16 weeks to ripen but it was so worth the wait!

So the total weight for all 3 pots was over 17 oz. exceeding my expectations big time.


Thats all sorts of awesome. Congratulations

What medium are you using and whats the ideal PPM. I am using FFOF and ppm around 1000.