ILGM is Absolutely Fantastic

Not sure if this is the correct place for a comment…So here goes…

ILGM Customer Service is World Class!!

I’ve been buying seeds from ILGM for quite a few years and I’m so impressed I’ll never go with anyone else.

In all those years I’ve had only 2 batches that wouldn’t germ.
Both times ILGM staff contacted me within 24 hrs and replaced my order for FREE…

In this day and age this type of Customer Service is rare to find.

KUDOS to Robert and his very capable staff.

And Thank You to Alex who is helping replace my order.
I just can’t say enough about ILGM . .WOW

BTW, I’ve used cash and CC both and have Never had a billing or shipping problem.

Keep up the Great work.



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Before I first started growing i researched all sorts of sites but stuck with ILGM as they had the best customer service. Wouldn’t have it any other way the one and only seed company I’ve gone thru and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon


I don’t have any seed bank experiences other than ILGM, so can’t make any comparison.
That said, every seed that I have dropped has cracked and grown. Well, that is not strictly true, I did have a couple of seeds that I killed but ILGM replaced them anyway. Can’t ask for better than that!


Wake and Bake…


ILGM was the first my wife stumbled upon, and though I’ve only made 3 orders from them, I have several of their strains. Everything has germed, and any questions I’ve directed to CS have been answered like freakin’ ASAP! Not to mention this forum being top notch.

I’ve only purchased from one other seed bank, one time, and it was a 5 pack that gave me 2 duds, 1 stunted mutant, and a 4th that threw balls at start of flower (none since and chopping in a little over a week). When I informed them off the 2 duds, they replied that since I used distilled and not spring water, they couldn’t stand by their “80% germination guarantee”.

ILGM for the win!!!


I moved your post to more appropriate section. Always nice to see posts like this!

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My seeds came faster than my taxes! :joy:


Thank You…

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