ILGM Inaugural fantasy football league NFL


I am afraid that we are not getting replies from all the managers that played the last couple years. I only see that 2-4 have mentioned or done anything thus far.


I am not sure we will have a league this year. I believe we only have 3-4 players. Perhaps I can recruit some from the forum…Otherwise, we are dead in the q\water my friends.

I am getting no replies which means hardly anyone is paying attention. lw


Thunderstruck can take Bobs team. So I count 4 managers.


damn… two teams each??


I have 2 new members ready to play, so I think we are at 5 with Early Pearl, and you.


Sign me up! Could be fun!


OK. Invites sent or email for email addy’s were sent to everyone. We need one more player to fill the league. Too bad we lost so many members this year.


For all returning managers. I need to know what the name of your team is. Right now I am stimied due to not being able to distinguish who is active or what teams to give away.

I need all of you Early Peral I can tell. I know Hell Hole Hydro is me, and K-Treez…The rest of you Oak and others I have no idea what team you have.

PLease hurry, I am getting burned out setting up all my leagues and I want to finish and ad keepers and cannot until I identify teams. Thanks


Early Pearl

New managers:

I thought I had 8 but, I cannot tell if some managers are playing or not. MIght still have a dead team in need of manager. Damn! :frowning:


I hope people start getting back to you.


Mo one is answering me and we are on the verge of canceling the league for
this season.

I need everyone to identify their team by tomorrow morning or I think I
will just pack it up. I thank the new members who wanted to join but, we
do not have enough for the league and the current members are not paying



I need to know which team is yours. No except Early Pearl has an identifiable team name. I need this yesterday. All 4 new managers are waiting for invites, and I do not want to give your team away…


Purple haze


Thanks all.

We had a new manager quit already. Need 2 more managers. This just means you take over and run a fantasy team and manage it all season. 16 weeks.

If we do not find 2 by draft time; I will let the league office run the team/s until we find new manager/s

Anyone not posting keepers by tonight will have the league office choose your best 3 and we will draft. After draft, we will fill manager slot/s

Everyone understand?


wow…when the rams took a dump I thought I was done for…but the saints helped me out big time.


Looks like it is you and me brother. It was a terrible fantasy week and
all players were competing. Can you dethrone tghe 2 year champios? LOL

Can’t wait until next week and some time off…LOL

Later, lw :slight_smile:


Gurley was a game time inactive…pretty much sealed the deal for me…I needed him


Gurley being out was a bummer but, it was known well before kickoff that
he was not playing. I was surprised to see he was in the lineup, as I
knew he was a no go all week. I figured I would go down.

Maybe next year. League is getting stronger. I had to come from way
behind after a dismal start and thanks to Leveon Bell…my star bench
warmer :wink:

I would like it if all members of the league would allow me to see there
email at the yahoo game sight, so I can make sure all get invited next
season. Thanks for playing. lw

I cannot believe that I won a 3rd straight championship here. In