ILGM Inaugural fantasy football league NFL

ISince many of us have become friends here at ILGM; I thought it would be fun to start a FF League. We have 5 members confirmed so far. Anyoen who would like to play; Sign up here with a post. I will set up league and send invites to all.


You can join league using this info:
Group ID #12735
Group Name: ILGM Fantasy Football
Group Password: nfl2016

10 members so far. We have a 10 team league, if everyone signs up.

reply to this post and add you name to the list! lw


We do not need posts from members who do not want to participate. Please do not post negativity in an area created for fun. Seriously. :slight_smile:

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Oak… Havent played FF in at least five years… but I know who the best Back in the NFL is…

I’m anxious to learn how this works! As an added bonus, it’ll give me something else to look forward to every week to mark “grow weeks” on my plants! :smile:


I’m so down I love fantasy

What version will we use? ESPN? NFL? Yahoo?

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Which website are you going to have the league on? Thanks.

I usually use Yahoo. I have many custom leagues there. IN fact; I have a fantasy network going on 10 years. I also used to run games at ESPN.

Really doesn’t matter if we do not get enough players. I only count six with he newest league entry.

I don’t know how it works yet but I’m in

alright @latewood if we are going to do this we will need to get started soon…only one week before the starts

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Heey Oak,

I never saw you commit. Just a comment about a RB. I was not setting up league unless we got at least 8 teams. Now iut appears we have 9.

So; We need 1 more and 1st come 1st served. /that will be the cutoff, unless 3 more people join to make 12 in the next 2 days.

We never draft until a week or less before the 1st game on Thursday night, ans after msopt pre-season games are done.

my 3 leagues are all drafting a week from Sunday night. Yes; That is labor day weekend. We can draft The Tuesday after Labor day and all injuries should be clear.

I will add garrigan, Oak, and J…to the lsit making 9 joined.

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FYI. I did not consider your question as a commitment to join the FFLeague. Let me know because we are almost full.

I need to know if the email everyone uses here is a good email to invite you into the game. Please let me know asap. It would be nice to open to league.

Your reply @latewood confirms your spot in the league, and allows me to use your ILGM email to invite you.

We are going to have a league. I hope you all enjoy it. :slight_smile: lw

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Yea use the email I have registered for here @latewood

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the email is good @latewood

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I’ll play and I use the same email as on here.

Trying to get it together. Back went out yesterday after typing for almost 4 hrs. here and I can barely breathe. We are going to have the league, and I think I will just set it up at Yahoo.

Be patient, and study your players! Later

What date and time do you expect to draft? Thanks.

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I am thinking 9:30 or 10:00 pm EST, next Tuesday. I am not sure about how many PST members are playing. :slight_smile:

I actuall y would like to know who does live out West because, We have to consider that when setting the Draft. Tuesday is great for me because I have another Draft at 7pm EST

PLease everyone let me know what time in the evening works for them. IN the end We all have to draft in the next 7 days.

Thanks. I am setting up leag Peace, lwue tonight, and will modify it as needed to suit our league.