ILGM (I Love ❤️ Growing Marijuana)- Seeds

Is it real? Is it worth it? Do they really send you seeds that grow good bud and are actually feminized like they say? I would love for someone to tell me if they have done business with them and what I can expect! Also, the blueberry feminized seeds have a plant above the words and it shows a BRIGHT BLUE plant with really bright blue crystals on it… cap or no cap?? Lol


I am new here also, they have great customer service. Seeds have mixed reviews, just research stains on here and elsewhere for any genetic issues. So are really good and seems some herm on people.

I have ordered twice by cash mail in , more issues with usps playing do si do with the seeds.

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Yes they do have fem seeds auto flowers also. They guarantee germ so if they dont shoit a tail when germing they will replace the seeds. Customer service is one of a kind and u wont find many places like ilgm. Good luck. Ull get what u want from here


Welcome ! ILGM great company to do business with. I have achieved excellent germination rate. Good luck


They are good to deal with, I’ve ordered twice and got seeds within 7 days.
Even replaced seeds that didn’t sprout and gave a discount on second order.


The genetics won’t really matter if you don’t provide the resulting plants with the other essentials; Too many people stretch to buy the seeds, and spend $30 on a light off Amazon. Are you prepared to spend about $1000 to set up an indoor grow, or can you grow outdoors? If not, what are you realistically able to spend @PacmanMGrows ? Have you already purchased equipment?


Above average genetics.

EXCELLENT customer service.

Money back guarantees.

Sweet support forum.

I have 2 issues period with ILGM seed center and they are both just my opinion.

Hate the 20 seeds of one kind.

Wish they sold regs.

Other then that? WINNERS.


Yes they provide seeds that they advertise. However things like color aren’t really guaranteed in any strain from any seed bank. Some are genetically more likely to give you colors, but a lot of times that is also due to environmental conditions or plant care.

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Plenty of folks get seeds all the time. I bought some white widow seeds, it took about 3 1/2 weeks to get the seeds. Some get them quicker, and some don’t, but you get them.
Good luck! :+1:t2: :v::sunglasses:

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Yeah I agree

Ordered just this yr, wouldn’t keep coming back if they weren’t awesome


I remember when they did sell regular seeds. But they stopped before I got to the point that I wanted some. Perhaps they will return one day. The stock is changing all the time as new strains are added.

And yes they are one of the top 5 seed companies in the world. Many places rate them # 1 or # 2


Great company with excellent customer service . . . you get what you order from them or they make it right. The only reason they are #2 on my list is package size . . . 10/20 seeds of a single strain is like a 10+ year supply for me if they are viable. I like to constantly grow something different so I often order smaller packs of 1-5 seeds elsewhere, ILGM’s pricing makes the 5 packs uncompetitive in that market in my opinion.


I’m new to this forum…
I’ve been using ILGM seeds for a number of years and I’ve never been disappointed.
Excellent customer service and support.
Delivery And germination guarantee!
I’ve sent cash and used my CC, never a problem.
You will be very pleased with ILGM
Good Growing…