ILGM I Am Impressed


My first order ever from the site was placed on 7/28. Order & payment confirmation 7/30 and Order on it’s way notice received 7/31. My beans arrived in the USA on 8/8 and are now in storage!

Wow, hands down, ILGM’s ordering and payment process was easy to use and understand, the email updates after order were outstanding and the shipping speed, unbelievable!!! Just a fantastic experience all around. Thank you Robert and ILGM customer service including all those charged with fulfillment and processing etc.

Thanks very much!


sweet! good luck :+1:


That’s good to hear @Screwauger
But I’m not to happy with the order process right now. Feel like I’m being stroked around! :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh crap, really sorry to hear that @Rugar89

If you get a chance shoot me an email with the details once you get it sorted.


I too have had a wonderful experience at ILGM, I’ll never order else where. Great seeds, great staff, and amazing community.


We are happy to read messages like these, thanks for the kind words! :blush:
Good luck on your future grow!

@Rugar89 Maybe it helps if I check up on your problem, can you send me a personal message?


@ILGM.Support.Claire I think you need to send him one first we as members cannot pm anyone just a heads up
@Screwauger I’ve had nothing but great service from the wonderful people here I haven’t had the need to ask for any type of assistance aftervthe order but have witnessed many times they will make things right should a issue arise @Rugar89
I have sent cash for all my orders and I’m getting ready to place another here in a week or so
They get two :+1: :+1: For service


I agree @Screwauger and @Countryboyjvd1971 I’ve placed 4 orders with ILGM (3 for seeds and 1 for nutrients) and have received all 3 seed orders without any issues. Still waiting on my flower power starter packs to arrive, should be here any day now, might even be at my house as I type this. Fingers crossed they are waiting for me when I get home from work. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Just got back from mailbox.7 days since confirmation,to the deep south…7 days! My other 3 were,12,12,and 13 days…Today blew that crap out of the water!:cowboy_hat_face:,impressed I is.


Hey gang, I received one of my orders in 5 day’s to the southern east coast. I have not ordered seeds from ILGM in awhile and was amazed at how expensive they are now! I guess it’s like other seed houses that start out at a good price to build up a customer base and then start raising prices. I am glad that I have a good stock of seeds put up.