ILGM How do these strains grow? Personal experiences


Hey Everyone! This will be my 3rd grow and I have the basic growing skills down. This is the list of strains that I have selected to be in one tent. I would like to know your personal experience in growing any of these particular strains. Just specify whether it was ILGM or not. All of these are ILGM and photoperiod.

Jack Herer
Sour diesel
Super lemon haze
Maui waui
Train wreck

Did it flower longer than the suggested window?
I believe height will be an issue, so I’ll be super cropping to keep them reasonably shorter. How tall did yours get?
Was it hungry for more nutrients during flowering? If so which one?
Did it respond to any super cropping?
Any comments or suggestions are welcome, and if you know a member that grew it, tag’em!
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Sorry I haven’t grown any of those @Covertgrower interested in hear input from the others!


Thanks for the tag and like @bob31 says, I am interested in what you find out as I have not grown any of these.

On a side note @Covertgrower I just pulled the lever on my ILGM gift seed purchase. So much competition for that slot in my cart. I ended up going with the biggest bang and ordered 10plus10 SSH fems. As much as I wanted the JH and Pineapple that would have thrown away $10 of my coupon and given me 10 beans.

The SSH is described as compact and super sativa effects so that was my motivators.


The sour diesel I grew out from here wasn’t the easiest strain I’ve ran. She loved to be trained. She didn’t give me many problems till mid flower. She was a stretcher


@Screwauger SSH also was very competitive in the running. I know all about competition in the cart!! SLH took its place based on the smell but share a lot of the same genetics. After looking farther, I almost feel I should have went with SSH, because it has more sativa genetics in play. It’ll make it in the cart next time.
Pineapple haze almost made it in the cart as well. I didn’t think you grew any of these, but I also didn’t ask just wanted to be sure. I appreciate you stopping by.
I generally find it difficult picking the next grow. I also have to consider some for the mrs, as well as some for my migraines. GSC is my go to for those this grow.


Thanks for the suggestions and report @Dieselgrower I read that it loves being trained, and midflower I think a lot of strains start to look a little worse for wear that far along. The stretch is what I have to look out for after about 2 months of veg time. I may flower early, if they get too far out of compliance of height. I look forward to the last bit of flowering, when they’re the smelliest. Love that unique smell everyone gives off.


Yes they do start to give off a stench and I would fix one problem and have another pop up. She was my first hydro experience haha


@Covertgrower ive got a sour diesel going! Pretty easy girl to work with. I only did some LST on her. Should be done in a couple of weeks! Its the most pungent of the 4 strains i have going. She did getva bit nutrient hungry last couple of weeks, but we had a freeze and i wasnt able to feed like i normally would have. I also had some low humidity for being so cold. I think that lead to higher absorption of nutes thru roots and ended up with some nute burn from it


Thanks @VelcroThumb I respect your opinions and thoughts, and know you can grow’em. As with anyone else I tagged on here.
Love the picture she looks great and looks even more fragrant. I completely forgot that you had a sour diesel going, and even followed along in your journal. Hard to keep up sometimes, maybe I should consider following less journals? Lol.
You did extensive FIM’ing. If I do this, I may have to consider less plants. It looks like she takes up about 2.5 feet across. If not 3? I could let them get a little taller than yours. Thanks for stopping by and adding input.


No experience with any of them. Cinderella 99 is a hybrid of Jack Herer and I grew a lot of that. Next closest was purple trainwreck from hso. It looks like I cut them after 59 days from pistils. I don’t have anything noted so I’m going to assume I followed about the same feeding schedule I normally did.


@Covertgrower I’m on my second grow with sour diesel and 1st with train wreck. The diesel takes about 12 weeks if you want red pistils when you harvest. The train wreck I’m growing is ready now at 9 weeks.


The only one I’ve grown from your list is the sour diesel (it was a bag seed) I topped her and did a little LST; she grew into an absolute beast, I think she was about 4 feet tall AND wide. I didn’t have any trouble with her but I also didn’t closely track the nutes. She was fed with the GH trio on a feed/water/repeat schedule. She was a very thirsty girl. We may have taken her a tad early as there were only a few ambers but I didn’t want any couchlock. She had a very strong aroma :sunglasses: The cured product is super tasty and the high is pleasant :v::green_heart:
I was so pleased with her that I took 2 clones (she was the only seed we had of SD)


@Covertgrower i didnt fim the SD as much as the others. But it helped me realize fimming is better for growing without a SCROG! Ill look when i get home, but i think youre right abiut 2.5 across. Maybe 3 high from soil to top!


You’ve seen my Sour Diesel and Jack Herer (both ILGM) so here are my impressions: both were higher yielding plants, with the SD beating the JH at 13 oz and 11 oz respectively.

The potency is similar and is more of a daytime smoke. The SD is extremely smooth and flavorful. Not to take away from the JH which is kind of piney rosemary aroma. No need to belabor the flavor of SD haha!


Thanks @skgrower I figured with this many in one tent, I would have a multi harvest schedule which works much better for me.
It definitely looks at least that wide. Which if I do any FIM’ing I should account for the size it could be especially width wise. I’m in a 4X8 tent, and I’m thinking I should reduce my plant count possibly. I’m think 2 of each now. 10 total. Just based on space needs.


@Covertgrower thatll be one helluva garden! Ive got my buddy germing our next batch ( pineapple haze, cherry vanilla cookies, strawberry k,blueberry, and amnesia haze auto. I have 2 4x4 tents and buddy has 1. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Good luck on your grow! Ill follow along


I would love to have you follow along. I’ll be sure to tag you when it happens. Finishing the clone grow now, and they have about 2 months to finish. Just started flowering. Unless I get a veg tent… I should just do it. That way I could start them NOW. @VelcroThumb


I just started Sour D. So I can’t help you there. But 2 grows with Gold Leaf. You can really beat up that plant and it keeps coming back.
Not sure if thats an option for you. :sunglasses:


If Gold leaf is mostly indica, I have intentions to switch between sativa dominant grow, and an indica dominant grow. That way the canopy isn’t competing with another. @MAXHeadRoom I have thought about it. I may consider it when it comes time for the next grow.


@Covertgrower. Yep, GL is mostly Indica 60/40 according to Robert and his crew.