Ilgm has the best genetics

Ok so I had first bought 10 Blue dream autos from ilgm and I grew the first two with no problem at all what so ever. They germed, sprouted and vegged and flowered so nicely exactly 10 weeks from start to finish! So my buddy was like “Hey man I got some seed too called animal cookies i got from a grower local”. So I was like ok I traded 2 of mine for 2 of his. Well here we are I said I was gonna try 4 autos this time. I started the seeds exactly the same 2 Blue dream autos and 2 animal cookie autos. And let me tell you what these genetics that ilgm has tops anything I’ve ever had and bought before. I soaked them in water for 12 hours and put them in a paper towel and in 12 more hours they had a sprout on them 1/2 inch long. The animal cookies…well lets just say there has been no movement of any kind…so I went ahead put my Blue dreams in there pot and today they are popped out of the ground and as for the animal cookies…well they are still in paper towel with no signs of life. I just want to give a big thanks to ilgm for the awesome genetics and great product. They have a customer for life here.


I just dropped my first ILGM seed (gorilla glue) this weekend. I’m eager to see the results.


You will like it. I was super pleased with my first indoor grow. I have so tweaking to do but here 1 that I harvested after 9 weeks 5 days total.


I just want to agree with you :100: %. Newbie first time grower and I know I made so many mistakes. GSCX autos 3 seeds in water, all sprouted, all grew, already harvested 2 of them 2.5 and 3 oz and still have the biggest one left to chop down. Sovall credit goes to 1. This site, then 2 Great genetics and great seeds. Maybe more like 1 and 1a


Yup. Robert hit it out the park with ILGM. Top notch genetics, excellent customer service, amazing forum, and constantly expanding selection….

N on top of all that, a pretty solid seed germ guarantee?


Yea these last two where germed put in soil and poking up in less than 3 days…I would say they are ready to grow.

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agreed, ILGM is great. i had a pretty good experience with blue dream autos too. 3/5 sprouted. the entire order was refunded.

and of the 3 that sprouted two made it to harvest super quick. sprout to harvest in 2 months and the smoke was great. i want to try the ILGM blue dream photo next summer

I would not have guessed that. Some strains you listed in your inventory I did not recognize others are common and can be obtained lots of breeders. Good luck with the GG


@MidwestGuy Say what! Lol!!! Your kidding I’m sure or do you just sweep the lab!! Rolmao!