ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


Day 47. Instructions say 70 days. Hmm.


Wow nice looking grow man. Beautiful plants. Looking close to being done.


Much appreciated! The 5wk samples I took almost made me trip off 3-4 hits. These ILGM genes are no joke! I can only imagine what the stonier 9 wk finish can do!!


For sure I’m about 3 to 4 weeks out on my green crack/bubble gum scrog.


Did you post? I’d love to see!


Come check it out any pointers appreciated


Yes! Stoked to see! Thanks!


Picture with my Nikon D750 instead of IPhone!


One of my shittiest, smallest branches out of over 100 tops. The best ones are WAY denser and a lot fatter too, but similar lengths! Sooo crystalline and smelly though!


I have a couple weirdos expressing more Sativa that don’t seem to wanna drop growing white pistils. All are ILGM GSCE. Just variants. All are 56 days out of the company recommended 70. I did use carbon, extreme nutes and an extreme light. I’m thinking finish the couple days of week 8 and then give just water for 5 days. Does anyone have any thoughts? Can they handle 9-10 more days? Will it be too quick? Too long?




Thanks so much !!


Everybody on 5 days water starting today. I know some are expressing early, but some are expressing late and I don’t want overdone. I prefer a tad early. The smallest and driest is that last cutting. An almost medium bud compared. Pretty.


Call it 62 days. All but one pheno were perfect w that under these conditions. One wants longer. Too bad!


Beautiful buds. Hope mine turn out looking that good.


Thanks! I bet they will! Ugh… this was 2.5 of over 100 tops… dreading the trim :confused:


Damn I have about the same number of tops. Going to take a weekend to do I figured. My first grow it took me so long but i was alone my gf is going to learn to trim this time.


No, they weren’t. And I cut them down a tad to dry better. It’s gonna break 2lb easy.


Really nice congrats I wanna supliment c02 my next grow. I’m in a 4x4 also.


Nice! You’ll love it. Worth it on veg too. Just go like 600ppm. On grow peak to 1400, sink slowly to 400 last 3 weeks. Flush week 300.