ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


Looking good, 5 weeks is long time too. They’ll put on some weight for you.


Sure hope. I have hit every metric that can be applied except adding hydro. So it should see close to their genetic peak I’d imagine!


A popcorn bud from underneath at 5 weeks. Got 5 weeks to pack on size. Bet she’s a good taste test!


41/70 days. All looked pristine till this week. Now lots of yellowing fan leaves. Lots of browning pistils. Some considerable growth from last week but slowed. Two plants have some rust spotted leaves towards the uppermost fans. My plants ultimately came down to three phenos. The stronger smelling and most crystally are the most nute sensitive. They have the worst rust spots and signs of nute burn. They’re the smallest. The most beautiful and biggest producing two love strong nutes and have no real leaf damage, but look by far closer to maturity. As this is day 41 looking at them it is very very hard to conceive they can go till day 70. Thoughts and help please! I went stronger than my gut said I should w nutes. 1700 almost all of bloom. A couple weeks I did a half assed flush. Second flush so far. Next round 1400 is dead max. Period.


Rust spots are pretty common using that kind of light, most supplement extra calmag to keep that in check. If you follow around the qb growers it’s similar light and similar problems. You’re just driving so much photosynthesis it’s hard to keep up. If you’re following manufacturer’s schedule you’ll see that they are having to give a little more cal nitrate or cal carbonate.

You have 70 days listed, is that because breeder suggests it’s a 10 week flowering strain? Those are usually estimates and can be shorter or longer pretty common. All things considered, pistils look about right for entering week 7 of flower and she surely has a couple of weeks left.


Thanks. Yeah, extra calmag is in. I went in the mid cause 2 plants didn’t need it. Yeah, it’s ILGM GSCE. Listed as 70 days. I did use CO2 and had everything dialed in to max. Perhaps it shaved a week off.


Always take those as estimates and with a grain of salt. I think you’re on track for at least 9 weeks anyway.


How many watts is that light pulling from the wall and what size space are you covering with it?
If you don’t mind…
I’m not a big fan of LEDs… but these new QBs and your light are really trying to persuade me… :grin:
Oh ya… your girls are looking awesome… :wink:



Thanks! It draws 638 or the like. It is a slightly off square. It’s 4’ one way and like 3’8” the other. My scrog is the exact same dimensions. It is designed to ride 6” over a bloom canopy and 18-12” over a veg canopy and down as they get used to the power. It seems to do great work. The buds are on average 6-8” long and about 6.5-7.5” around. They are all rock hard and the room smells sooo strongly! I’m thinking they’ll finish the 3 days of this 6th week, do 2 more weeks end stage feed with oil and terpene enhancers, then a week of final phase.


You up the calmag but drop the PPM of every other nute for a savings. Better lighting saves $$ again


@Loki I’m lovin’ the journal man! I’m actually going to be investing in the Spyder2x model right below yours for my tent grow here soon! Your girls look amazing can’t wait to see the final outcome!!


If you’re having success with that, great! Every grow is a little different, but I’m a fan of challenging things if you have a handle on them.


Its definitely a nice light! Very similar tech as quantum boards with a little different design. This light also has a few supplemental reds which aren’t on standard qb. The fluence lights come in a more commercial looking package with a little cleaner fit and finish, also have a little higher price tag.

I know you’re a DIY type of guy, I can help you layout a light just like this one too.


Ya … this light really seems to be working well from what I can see… I really want to see this grow finish out… :wink:
I will definitely be hitting you up when and if I go that route… :grin:


6 weeks in the can!


Seems we’re “neighbors” I also want a piece of that rec market if it opens. I even have a backer or two. Many such people should align on the ground floor, grab it up, and get too quickly established for much competition to matter.


Nice looking grow.

Growing high quality organic buds in small batches is where it’s at. I’d like make a little money but also want to make sure anyone that can do the same can compete fairly.
The corporate large scale model is the bain of our society and they have manipulated any chance a small grower would have to compete.

I think one of the bud of the month guys is using a method call nutrient lock out flush. It’s my understanding from @TDubWilly that watering with high ph 7.5 to 8 will created nute lockout and causes the beautiful colors. He said it takes a couple of weeks in soil.
I grow in supersoil which also helps bring out the color. I used ff nutes my first time around and never got the colors I do now.


Nice. No, I don’t mean like mega corporate. More like how maplefield gas stations and Jolly’s seem to dominate here. They’re the best and have the best spots to sell. As to organic, certainly a worthwhile option on the menu board, but for me not an only. I use every trick known to god and man. The peeps I know just care that it’s almost trippy strong. Natural takes a distant back seat to power for them.


Vibrant colors from pH altering is actually the result of anthocyanins and not nute lockout…


@loki. How do you like he airpots?