ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


One of my girls never got dark green. She always looked malnourished. She’s the one that ended up the biggest. So don’t sweat it. They all look great.


I appreciate it. Funny, I had an oddball from AMS that was strange colors and harder to grow and it was the best head high of everything.


Two weeks and 1 day in. Crystals coming in aggressively. Fast mass gains to bud structure. No burnt tips or appearance issues except for the weirdo pheno. This is beginning to look promising! :crossed_fingers:t3:


What kind of lighting are you using…?
plants are looking awesome my friend…:wink:
Also , are you using tank co2…?


The light is a Fluence Spydr 2P. Yes, canned CO2. Thanks for the kind words! Can’t wait for results!


It is officially 3 weeks in. 1 day into the 4th week.


Didn’t load




Looking great, bud!!


Thanks a lot!


Very nice looking SCROG, well done!


I appreciate it!



30 days today from 12/12! Couple over 4 full weeks! Percentage wise how much more volume/weight can they add? Still no guesses on my finished dry weight?


Ask me in about 4 weeks lol. They do look good, nice work!


I was looking at your post where you showed a cola of GSCE at 42 days and it was almost black. Mine are at 30 here and don’t even look remotely dark. Look more like candy cush to me to NL #5. I have 5 phenos going and none look even a bit like those pics. Can you look at mine and tell if yours looked that way previously? Also how big of a producer? You killed it at about 1lb per plant on GC. How close was your per meter squared output of GSCE? How strong of smoke was in in the grand scheme of ILGM strains? Thanks for the info!!



These genetics tho! At half way done these things are crazy!


Uploading: F1582550-C18C-4948-9B75-B42A0B90D050.jpeg…

Various flowers at day 33/70. Looking good but size is still very much desired to improve. Hopefully a lot more can happen in 5 weeks!