ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


Old enough.


Next run I’m doing just the best from this run but in a current culture undercurrent solo pro. 8 weeks in that thing will fill the net w one plant!



A couple days past the outage. Obviously the growth spurt has taken. Lots of pistils already. I have moved may growth tips under the net and away from the center to keep a good spread, and zip tied the very advanced ones flat to the net. I will do this for another 1.5 weeks then she is to finish. Nets looking decently full and is 4X4.
It’s way early and I haven’t grown this strain yet. But…any early takers on a dry weight pool? I’m shooting for 2.0 cured weight. What say ye?


Official flip was 11/29.


How long was your power out? Are you in New England? Our power was out early Monday morning until Thursday evening. Ended up harvesting a bit early due to the outage. Thought about keeping them going a bit longer, but was worried about possible mold following three days of not much light, cold temps and high humidity. That Scrog is filling out nicely


Thanks Grum. Yes, from the land of maple syrup and Morgan horses. Mine was out from 2pm till 11 am next.


Day 1



1st day of week 2 bloom!


All out of likes sadly because these beautiful pics deserve some. Keep up the good work.


Thank you very much!



Tomorrow is the 14th day of 12hr light of a proposed 70. The smallest coming in fan leaves are “sugar leaves.” Barely. 2 weeks more some real crystal should be coming in.



The last pics are of that plant that has been off since birth. Next are a clone of it and a perfect plant. It’s clone too is weird as all the others look immaculate. Plus that one super strange leave that looks like an ivy plant!



This is the weird yellow girl. It’s a genetic thing. Cal mag nor nitrogen makes it full green. Cal mag reduces it a bit.


One of my girls never got dark green. She always looked malnourished. She’s the one that ended up the biggest. So don’t sweat it. They all look great.


I appreciate it. Funny, I had an oddball from AMS that was strange colors and harder to grow and it was the best head high of everything.


Two weeks and 1 day in. Crystals coming in aggressively. Fast mass gains to bud structure. No burnt tips or appearance issues except for the weirdo pheno. This is beginning to look promising! :crossed_fingers:t3:


What kind of lighting are you using…?
plants are looking awesome my friend…:wink:
Also , are you using tank co2…?