ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


Will that light fold up when not in use, or is that the DR?


It can. I’d only if I had a long pause between grows, but sure, it’s possible!


Looks good! I usually shave the top PVC legs to fit inside the frame legs then drill a hole for a lock screw. Makes the screen telescopic in case you need to creep. It is a pain to do though…

High Five!!


Looks nice, good work


Nice! I was going to use slip T’s for the second layer but said fuck it. I like being a creature of habit. Set a height and force them to hit it.


I made mine adjustable too. Ran it one time and tossed it in garbage lol. If you decide later you need it adjustable you can just cut at top or bottom and install a reducer and put different sized pipe on it.


Yeah, you can modify later if you want. It looks pretty nice as is though.

Have a good Sunday (or Monday if down under)


Freshly foliage reduced, fed, and better air exchange put in in anticipation of spring. Now 700CFM in a 8 X 8 X 8 room. Environment seems flawless. Nutes were at 1150 PPM including 300 in our water and added 1ml per liter cal mag. Also added algen, B52, and f!sh shit.


My friggen power is out! What do I do? It’s been out for 10 hrs or so. Missed almost all of today’s day cycle. Probably will miss most of tomorrow’s too :confused: Shit! My cloner is off with half finished clones. I was gonna flip this room to 12/12 in a week. Now should I just say fuck it and flip or will she survive it?? Also it’s gonna get chilly. Definitely won’t freeze, but may get real cool. God dammit! Help! Friggen power company! Vermont snowstorms. Grr.


They shouldn’t die assuming you get power back on in the next day. Hopefully they will get it back on soon and you can just continue on as normal. It is better that it’s still in veg. If it were flower you might have to worry.


I am pretty sure they will be okay @Loki. I will keep my fingers crossed…

Any new pictures?


I tied to upload last night and they won’t for some reason. I’ll try again.


Rent the gen and flip them when you get it on.


Grr. What I’m thinking. They’re bound to be chilly by now too. About 10 hrs more dark than supposed to by now and counting.


I’m thinking they’re big enough they’ll be wanting to throw pistils by time you get light on them anyway. Also big enough to be reasonable producers.


All true. Actually all already have preflowers. I just wanted to get them all through the fence then flip. Oh well. I’ll have to do it as the stretch happens.


I would rent a generator. I live in a heavily wooded area about a mile from a lake. The power lines are elevated. Whenever the wind blows across the lake, power is out. Heavy snow, power goes out. Limb from one of the gazillion large trees falls, power is out.

I ended up installing a 20 Kilowatt generator that runs off of the buried natural gas lines. It is cut inline with the main breaker and kicks on if power goes out. I also have a large UPS for the CMH light (when I use it) so I don’t have to worry about striking the lamp.

Growing indoors kinda sucks at times…


It just came back on :slight_smile: It’s maybe 5 days preemie but 60% screen is filled, so I’m flipping now. Only got down to 64. Only less than a day off schedule, but I’m not chancing a hermie.


They’re not going to herm if you were vegging, but I’m sure plant triggered response to flower if they are mature enough.


They’re like 8 week veg.