ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


Looks awfully expensive too lol.


Thi is just the grandmaster nute pack. In liter bottles it as like $500. What I was talking about was the fluence spyder 2P, 8” blower, blue lab dirt, slurry, or hydro PH meter, and the atlas complete full room digital environment controller with Co2 ppm meter/control. I went all out on everything as far as you can without adding hydro. I like my inert mediums!plants are topped and widening. Clones taken next week for the next round. These will get 2 weeks veg into the scrog, then two more weeks while hairs develop. Gonna push these girls hard as I can. We have a 2 mature limit!


They’ve grown a ton since the new full panel nutes. Still on a T5. Waiting desperately for my light. I may cave and turn my metal halide on for a week. They’ve been topped and almost ready for top # 2. The girl I call freak is still yellow as hell, but no burnt tips, no rusty spots, and it’s fine other than a touch too much stretch and being yellow. Grows the fastest too. The rest have perfect color and all have the same situ. I almost feel as though she expresses an extreme sativa pheno. Doesn’t want to bush out from training, and growing so fast I can’t even make it green. Still the strongest smelling of the group, but finicky! Please lend me suggestion to improve this grow and get them bushed for a scrog better!


Ps, for scale the big airpots to the back are 15 gallons! This light is massive!! It covered almost all of my queen bed during assembly. So all plants are transferred to bigger pots. Next to install the scrog net. I’m only blooming the big two under this light. The others will go to a pals light. So I had been timid w the nutes to start as I always do, but I kept reading and hearing people saying full strength is the way. I also nute every feeding. So now I’m stuck with some clawed leaves :confused: As a result I gave a partial watering of pure water and then a half dose feeding next. New leaves have grown out without claws. Hopefully this fixes things. Grr. My hardest challenge is getting to optimum dosing without side effects. Please help if you know what I need guys! Also, I haven’t yet PHd. I have a new unit, but I ran out of calibration fluid which comes in 3 days. Then finally I will have everything together! I have to pull this back in line!!


Exploding in 4 days on the fluence! Tons of new growth at multiple nodes! Color and leaf shape of new growth looks great! Humidity has dropped a tad low, so gotta deal w that. Netting going in soon. CO2 as well!!


BML Spyder 1200???


The next iteration of that company, yes. Now it’s just fluence. No more spydr 1200, now it’s a spydrx plus, spyder 2p, or spydr 2i

All rocked. Mine is 2P. The uptic In growth from a 4 bar T5 is shocking! And still no humidifier. I’m under 40%. Need it bad.

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I would do this over a QB build… just my preference. Great, great 4x4 light!!

Super jealous!!!


I have a Quantum Bad Boy T5 (eight, 4 foot tubes) that I am trying in a 4x2 tent. I am changing from 6500k to 2900k today.

I have a 4x4 tent I want to set up and I am researching lighting options. The Phantom 50 series DE looks intriguing but the 36” air gap and heat is an issue for a tent grow. Same deal with a Gavita… Think I will stick to DE HID in a room rather than tent.

CMH, LED, or HO T5 are my realistic tent choices… maybe not CMH…


I’ve never tried a CMH, but the folks at my local hydro shop have them in small tents on display and seem to do fine with them properly vented. The lady said she gets the best bud size and at lower heat output from a CMH than any other type. I can’t wait to see how mine goes!


It’s definitely a nice light, but it’s also twice the cost. A from scratch build is even less, and not terribly difficult to hit 2.5 umol/joule.


For sure, but it goes back to a lesson I learned at another point… I rebuilt my own A arm assembly on my former vehicle… took me about 10 hrs. Would’ve taken my mechanic 3 max. I would’ve paid him $225 for labor. I lost $500 in overtime pay. So now when ever I consider a DIY fix I consider whether it saves me $50 for each hr I invest AND if the quality is equal at day’s end. Unless both are a yes I stick to my profession of nursing for cash and my hobby of growing for fun :slight_smile:


I can’t find a DIY kit for $700 that compares (BTU, umol/s, footprint, warranty) to a Spydr 2X.

I have been looking at many of the retailers listed in the DIY forum posts given I need a new light for the new tent. I can’t find a 1-1 comparison that does not require buying angle/square tube aluminum, cutting, fitting, etc.

If you can point me to a retailer that has a kit requiring assembly, and not fabrication, for around $700. That would be great



A couple days more. Now humidity/heat/C02 are dialed in. PH too. Explosive and all automatic via the titan complete controller!


Nice light for $800ish. I will add it to the mix of lights to compare. Do they run kinda hot at full power in a 4x4?

I have a SoliceTek C1 that came from a friend. I just need a bulb. They are about $100 so I am not sure if I want to spend the money just to try it out. My “trying out” different shit is getting expensive. Might want to just save up 1k and settle on a solution…


Nice :+1:t2:

The friggin float valve on my reservoir clogged. My plants have been running for two days without nutes…

Not happy with GH right now… shitty design


Ugh. I bet! I’m trying to get my stupid C02 controller to balance without going way over.


It’s like $712 if you assemble yourself. The heatsink runs a little hot at full power, but if you hav good air exchange and exhaust out top of your grow canopy temps shouldn’t be too bad. You generally want to run canopy temps a little higher under led too, so that helps. In most cases I usually just recommend running a clip on or similar blowing over top of heatsink for full power. Running the light at about 80% power seems to be plenty for a 4x4 and pretty good just the way it comes too.


Did the 2p come with the head unit that allows you to interface the C02 controller or is that a separate purchase?