ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


I have a Quantum Horticulture T5 Bad Boy I am using this next grow. It is a 4’ x 2’ fixture with 8 - four foot tubes. Running Quantum HO tubes. 6500k veg then switch to 2900k tubes for bloom. 40,000 lumens over a 2’ x 4’ SCRoG…

Curious how this is going to perform…


I will def keep all that in mind! Because we have a 2 plant max an 8 week veg and 20-30 gallon pots is the road I’ve chosen. Not sure how often they can drink that dry! Guess we’ll see! Thanks for the help everyone. I’m grateful for the extra wisdom!


Actually I purchased these t-5 lights just for veg. I emergency transferred the veg. room to be a flowering room hopefully just this once. I have two 1000 HPS in my main 5X10 flowering room that do a great job. So far these bulbs have lasted almost 2 years and will probably be replaced soon.


I’m very interested as well.


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Ok, it’s been a week. One suggestion was I was under proper nute level. I found a second and even bigger contribution to stunted growth: heat. My house was cold. It was 60 ish in the closet. I gave a 75% strength nute and put a heater in and they grew a bunch in just 2 days. Crazy! They’re flying now. One of them has had weird patterns and texture on its skin since day one but it reaches happily all the same. Perhaps I won’t clone that. But usually on new seeds I clone each and reuse only the best pheno at harvest. Then add another strain and repeat. Keep best three. Anyways here’s one week since last pics.


The leaves on that last plant show beginning signs of a deficiency. That curling is not just a strain-thing, and the mottling looks like beginnings of a potassium or cal-mag deficiency.


That one plant came out of the womb like that. I think it’s a freak cause the rest look amazing. She doesn’t seem to notice in her demeanor. If she doesn’t straighten out on the next few leave sets I’ll just axe her. She’s getting a complete and well accepted nutrient plus 30% of her medium is a medium w nutes. I’ll give her 2 weeks to comply lol.

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30% happy frog mixed with pretty much inert medium isn’t going to provide much for long. Which of the an bottles have you used on your last 2 feedings, and what was mixture ratio and tds?


Just sensigrow (grow) A&B
I used about 75% the strength they recommend for full on veg. Just over the seedlings. Think it was 6ml each in a half gal jug. My blue labs Truncheon said 900ppm. My raw water is just over 100.


I will say my bottles are old…My new stuff arrives the 16th. Connoisseur and every single additive.


Wouldn’t be unreasonable to think maybe there’s a little nutrient deficiency then. Another possibility is that one or more of the compounds has precipitated out of the solution over time too. I’d see how it responds to fresh batch.



3 of the 5 look flawless. 1 of the remaining has great color but different leaf texture and minor pattern oddities. It also has shorter node spacing, wider leaves, and bushier. The final plant smells hashy as hell, is the most stretched, and growing like crazy, but wicked yellow! All are at max sensigrow veg strength. Including my 100-150 PPM well water AND 3ml/liter of revive (cal mag) it was around 1200 ppm total. 24 hrs ago and didn’t correct yellow girl’s color at all. They all smell hashy already but she smells far stronger than the rest. So I’m stumped. My wholesaler screwed up and now waiting till the 24th to get my fresh nutes :confused: I also waited an extra week so I could get the spyder 2i instead of 2p. It has 1700par and about 1120 ppfd at 6-12”. 4 square feet lighting pattern! So psyched! Least 4 more of veg. Thinking I’ll top today and start brushing them out in prep for the screen! Comments? Advice?


Well shit. Everyone abandoned my journal…or is it normal till the exciting stuff happens?


You’re not abandoned. We’re here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Now let’s see what happens. Also got all my bloom and grow room upgrades coming in a week or so. Spent a fortune but should be killer!

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