ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow


Thanks! I bet they will! Ugh… this was 2.5 of over 100 tops… dreading the trim :confused:


Damn I have about the same number of tops. Going to take a weekend to do I figured. My first grow it took me so long but i was alone my gf is going to learn to trim this time.


No, they weren’t. And I cut them down a tad to dry better. It’s gonna break 2lb easy.


Really nice congrats I wanna supliment c02 my next grow. I’m in a 4x4 also.


Nice! You’ll love it. Worth it on veg too. Just go like 600ppm. On grow peak to 1400, sink slowly to 400 last 3 weeks. Flush week 300.


Nice thank u I’ll write that I’m my notes for upgrading my system. It’s amazing the stuff in see you guys grow compared to the stuff the people get around here. Just gotta say congrats on the grow and have fun with the trim. Was going to say check out my journal and let me know what u think but u have. Thank u.


Looks beautiful good job I have 5 gsce and I hope they come out that nice I just got co2 gonna get it going this weekend my girls r 6 weeks young in veg , in tents w viperspectra lights 1350 in 1 and 2 600 watts in other they love the led lights just got rid of hps always fighting heat :deciduous_tree::+1:


I’m loving the light. Gotta tell ya it’s AMAZING the variety I got from 5 GSCE seeds. They are all so different! Gonna crown the best and dump the rest!


Here’s going to be my BOM FEBRUARY hahaha look at that thing…


@Grandaddy013 here is a led grow from light marketed as 1000 watt replacement, 645 watts I believe. It’s not hydro, otherwise seems like similar to what you work with otherwise.


When you get it dried, please let me know your final weight. Very impressive buds.


Thanks. Sure will!


Hands down the stickiest I’ve ever handled. Insane.


Gorgeous colas!



I was ridiculous about what I considered second class bud. If it wasn’t premium and I mean super grade A…I tossed it to the sugar leaves. Probably 3 gallons of trim and 30-40% of that was tiny, half baked buds. My ultimate count will ignore this as I only care about what has bag appeal. It would’ve accounted for 5-6oz at least. Now the remaining top stuff is dry but not quite cured. It’s at 37oz but I expect it to lose 3-5 Oz more to perfect cure. Safe to say it hit 32oz of high end and dozens and dozens and dozens of bonus cookies or quite a bit of bubble hash grams. I’ll have a very real number in a week. Thinking 1.5GPW In soilless mix with Carbon. Bet I can hit 1.9 in hydro w this light :slight_smile:


Nice job brother


Much appreciated… now the difficult task of deciding which phenos to let go. Keeping only the best two. Prob is my fav buds were not the largest producer. Gotta make room for some GG4. Next order. The biggest producing pheno and perhaps most crystals and potent was not at all dense or attractive. But it had MASSIVE output. Best plant ever if you wanted to just toss the whole load to bubble hash or making oil. But it was a nightmare to trim and so so bag appeal.


Here we are at finale day :slight_smile: 38 Oz of primo not including 4-5 Oz of B, C, D, larf, and trim. Very pleased. Just about 1.66 gram per watt. Very high quality. :heart::heart:

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