ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow



Hey guys. About a week from taproots. Under a 4 bar T5 in Super Roots pots. Mixed promix BX and 30% happy frog. I wanted 707 and sunshine 4, but it’s what my local had. I added perlite and vermiculite. Transplanted to the 1.5 gallons. Will keep those till I move in the Fluence room. Then 20 gals forever homes. Going to go AN full line. Co2. Scrogging two 8 week monsters into a super dense 4X4 canopy at a time cause of local legal limit. Control all temp and humidity, etc. let’s see what these genetics can do!



A few of the names I noticed on here so far. I hope no one is upset I tagged you. I’m not going to over update on this, just when I need advice. I believe I over watered off the get go, so I put them in quicker draining medium and larger pots. Air pots. I haven’t touched them in like 4 days now. Just 18/6 under T5s and a weak fan to build strength. All recovered color wise but one. Strangely only one individual seems to have depleted its cotyledon. The rest still dark green. Perhaps it’s a variant in phenos? The one pale yellowish girl looks good otherwise. Reaching for the light. Comments/questions welcome. Posting some pics in a sec. ps… I tried uploading video and format denied but I’ve seen folks do it on here. How?


I never keep a super close count on days with veg, I’ve always been kind of an instinctual grower, but based on shipping dates we’re at about 2 weeks-ish from seed. Gonna keep a clone of each identified and regrow the most successful pheno from clones obviously.


Nice setup you have there!!!


Looking good, set to watching. :+1:


They are looking good, Is that the 4 or 8 bulb setup. I have two of the 8 bulb t-5 with the PowerVeg. bulbs for veg. and so far love the results. Do you plan on using the same light for flowering.

This is what I have for flowering. They are the PowerVeg bulbs also.


Not sure what kind of watering schedule you are on but I water every Tuesday and Saturday giving each plant a half gallon of water. That gives the plants 2-3 days to dry out and they seem to like it. Ive had no problems with that schedule.


Once you plant them, they are individuals. I see a lot of hesitancy to use nutes, or use them at full strength - then people asking about nute deficiencies and "why?’

All look healthy, and I think one looks hungrier than the rest.


Thanks! Waiting on the new SPYDR to arrive!


Very cool. It’s a 2’ T5 4 tube. Works amazing for 4-5 plants up to 12-18”. I’ve been meaning to try putting in one tube with UVB. I’m going to do the last 3 weeks under the spydr with dimmer slowly increasing till the flip. Then 100% with it 6-10” over canopy. 1080 PPFD average at that point!


I’m on the schedule of water till it leaks through when the pots get feather light. Because they are much deeper than the roots currently I will top dress a couple tablespoons of water between feedings just to make sure the rooted part doesn’t go bone dry.


I had been using 1/8 strength nutes from sprout, but kept reading you guys say “nothing till the cotyledons yellow out.” Plus I Upgraded to promix BX with about 30-40% happy frog and 10 percent perlight and a fistful of vermiculite. They got droopy for 2 days after transplant and all were yellowy. The watering I did in these pots, the only so far, was pure water due to the nutes in the HF. The soil gets dryer each day, and they get greener and reach harder for the T5 each day. I figure one more week and I’ll start back at the bottom of the feeding schedule. Going to use AN grandmaster schedule, and I always use fox farms open seasame, beast bloom, and nirvana in trace amounts in bloom as well. Climb from 600ppm to 1400 at peak w that schedule. About 6.3 pH. About 81 day temp and 74 nights with 1200ppm Co2. 1000PPFD physiospec light energy. Gonna use a 2 layer scrog and veg to 6-8 weeks with lots of lst and topping. Never tried these genes, but I’m excited. By looks of the pics they will be more than a match for the Medijuana that was my all time fav so far! I’m so hoping these GSCE change that forever!


I love the T5 for veg, but this light didn’t hit the weight or density I wanted. I’ve always used a 1,000 HPS, and in my cold basement it works pretty good. But I’m interested to see if I can get better results with a good sub matched led! Wall draw is 650 or so. We’ll see!


OK, you have a plan - and I don’t understand half of that - but YOU GO GIRL! :rofl:

I think they look hungry, and I think they look huge for the number of leaves put out so far, which tells me they are growing slow but sure, but they need something and are stunted a bit because of it.

1/8 strength nutes from sprout sounds fine - for a bit. For example, mine just now popping the second node leaves are not even 1/10th your size.

They have had 10ml of water each so far - total.


Noted. I’ll give them a shot of connoisseur and B52 when they dry up enough!


I guess what I’m saying is that babying them to get them going is great, but eventually they need to put their big girl pants on and EAT! :slight_smile: And if you look through the non-bug-or-mold related issues people have (me too) 90% are from nute deficiencies.

Fox Farms recommends no nutes until they get their second set of true leaves, and I have found that if everything goes right that is also about the first real watering they need. before that it is just humidity maintenance with domes and whatnot.


Man… I watered the ever living crap out of them compared to what you’re describing. They were in 3X3 Pete cups and I watered till drenched morning and night until I got in these big pots. I always use super super fast medium because I know I like to water too often. Do you like to feed every watering or every other?


Also, it may be deceptive too cause when I transplanted I buried 2” of stem. I always tuck them in up to their chinny chin chin when I transplant!


I feed once a week, and when they are in veg usually one plain watering in between (ph’d, and cal-mag added because I use RO water) and sometimes 2 times when they get older. I think ‘root-drowning’ is a seedling issue mostly, and once they get established it is less of an issue.


And in 5 gallon pots, the most I have ever used at once is 1.5 gallons. I have sometimes waited 5 days between watering’s if they weren’t eating. I guess what I’m saying is that nute schedules are designed to work. What you do between feedings (and recommended flushes in your schedule) is the part to play with. It’s about watching the plants, and doing as little as possible that can screw them up :wink: