ILGM Gorilla Glue in FFHF

5 seeds dropped in lukewarm distilled water 4/28. 2 didn’t pop while the other 3 had nice tap roots. Left them in the water for 5 days then moved all 5 into the 4x4 tent into 5 solo cups filled with FFHF with no amendments. Those soil/solo cups have been sitting in an operating tent sitting at 78 degrees with 65% humidity so the soil is warm and moist as well.

Tent is lit with an SF4000 turned all the way down and set 3 feet above the cups, which are covered with plastic for the time being. Once I see the seedlings make it to the top cover I’ll pull it off and let them go in the tent with the parameters as they are already set.

Was considering doing a little clonex solution when I get some decent leaves going unless that’s a mistake or waste of time. When the leaves size to the cup I’ll be moving them into 3 gallon fabric pots.

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