ILGM Gorilla Glue Autos Rnd 2... FIGHT!

Okay so… I’m at a complete fork in the road, yet I’ve been reading so much I feel like I should know what to do… but ice learned even from the veterans of the 420 grow world… osh happens and you have to respond

Strain: ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto

Medium: Fox Farms Happy Frog

Container Size: Solo Cups/ Mini Pots

Water: Distilled/ Dist&CalMag/ Dist&2tsp Epsom
Salts/ Distilled-CalMag-FxFr Grow Big(1/4 str)

Temps: Light On(77-80) Lights off(70)

Grow Space: H-7ft L-5ft W-4ft (not using a tent so I have the option to extend as needed) the room is surrounded by windows. I open to let air flow when it feels muggy. But that’s only if it’s raining all day. Otherwise I just leave one open and have a mini fan clipped in the space to circulate air above the plants. At lights out I angle the fan to help wind train the plants

Lights: during seedlings stage I use a 300w blurple LED, after 5-6 set of true leaves I use the 600w version. (I’m having a 4rft sunlight version being built by my uncle from scratch, should be done in two weeks for future veg stage growth)

Currently I’m only using the Distilled water with CalMag, in the happy frog soil. I have just kept my note mixtures from the previous months grow that rivaled GOT red wedding lol. In that grow I used Jiff organic seedling mix and it went horrible!!! Which baffled me because it’s what I did in my first grow before transplanting from cups to 5gal pots… Anyhow I’ve started and I’m sticking with FxFarm happy frog as the seeds that germinated grew well initially in week 1, by week three I was in a WTF mode and threw my TDS at the wall :angry::angry:(new one coming Sunday along with new PH balancing kit)

Random question: because as I type my mind is still on my ladies… uhm should the water in the humidifiers be PH’d as well? I was going over a case with my wife(nurse) and I saw the water in the cases are usually distilled($$$$$$$$$$$) which made me think “Damn, am I a horrible parent to my seedlings?” Yet my first grow went just fine without these concerns lol.

I can really use some more guidance from

@dbrn32 and any other entrusted minds. I see too many articles from one person getting advice from randoms and I doubt that works. I’m hands on so whatever you think will work I’m willing to do. You helped my greatly with my first grow when I foolishly used MiricalGro soil and didn’t have a PH pen, saved 4 of my 7 black widow ladies. Thought I was all set but here I am, proud of it though because everyone F’s it up before fixing it up so I’m all ears

@imSICKkid I’ve seen your posts helping others in a genuine way as well

Sadly i wont be able to give a TDS reading until Sunday when it arrives. But I test my mixtures even if I dont use them since nutes have been added to make sure the PH wasnt too high and just to get in the habit

So if you look into the crate. The plants on your left are the “survivors” of the first GG autos I got, on the right side are the newer replacements of same strain… I have six seeds left that I want to hold onto while I give my attention to this bunch… btw my 5yr old has a basil plant in here just flourishing and he doesn’t even know smdh

I don’t ever ph my humidifier water when I did use one and saw no side effects so I wouldn’t worry about it.

And personally, I’m sure your just trying to make it less of a hassle for feed days, but pre mixing your nutrients and writing the numbers on them, is to be completely blunt with you, not smart. The ph will swing in one way or the other, and your water will lose all of its oxygen and become stagnant. So your setting yourself up for failure doing so.

If you can lower your light down you should do so as well, they are stretching alot. Whenever you go to transplant them just make sure you bury alot of that stem and it will root out as well.


Just don’t over water and keep your humidity up. I wouldn’t give them any nutrients at this point either. That’s more than likely the reason for your burnt tips. The round leaves at the bottom, your cotelydons, are there to feed your seedling everything it needs for the first week or so. You shouldn’t have to start feeding or supplementing until those start to die off. Good luck buddy, dont give up, you got this.


Im pretty new to growing myself but from the looks of it you should def let your soil dry out and let those roots go off in search of water . Number 1 mistake is overwatering when they are young . Plants all look great btw. I would just not water for a week snd see how they do , just keep the humidity levels up and keep a eye on them !

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Those plants are awfully small to be giving nutes when they’re in a soil that’s already amended.


The best water for a humidifier is distilled or RO. But that is for the life of the humidifier itself as minerals will typically be left behind in the process. We have hard water here and a humidifier will clog up in a hurry.


Yeah im grabbing some extra cups to dome off the tops after the flush later. Shouldn’t be much since they’re still so small

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Yeah, it was recommended to start with the CalMag after about two weeks. Which I did… smh I want to go back to a simpler time :joy::joy::joy:… I’ll be home in about two hours. Lights are already on by now. Once I flush the cups today I’ll just monitor and let them dry out

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Yeah I dropped the light after looking at the node placement. I’m picking up some cups along with the water today. I thought maybe I didn’t plant the seed deep enough but 9nce I lowered the light they began to stretch out, well one did lol

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Not just that, but if you use tap water in the humidifier, the charcoal filter can get clogged with calcium.


All good advice is being given here.

#1 don’t pre mix nutes
#2 still PH distilled water, but you don’t have to feed distilled water you just need to know your TDS and give your water 24hr to let chlorine to evaporate (I have 2 5gallon buckets I fill and let sit)
#3 you can use tap water in a humidfior, it just will shorten the life of your charcoal filter. I personally don’t use it because the cost of distilled water/RO adds up and you only need a humidfior for the start then your plants will raise the humidity enough in your grow space most likely.
#4 as @dbrn32 said nutes are way to early, happy frog has lots of nutes in it just let the soil feed them. When you transplant them into larger containers be sure to use a hotter soil such as a super soil or fox farm ocean forest. Monitor your water run off and check the TDS, your plants will grow quite some time with no nutrients because the soil has everything they need. I generally only feed my autos twice before I start flushing prior to harvest.
#5 the lighting sounds okay for small early veg but I’m unsure of what your uncle is making your going to need some serious light power to produce good buds in flower.
Many new growers end up selling their lights and upgrading after realizing this.
#6 lots of stretch bring your lights closer.
#7 what’s your humidity?
#8 don’t use clear cups, roots hate light
#9 let them go through a bit of a wet dry cycle, this grows their roots to search for water.

Again most of this was already said but summerizing and adding a few points


In happy frog? I suspect some confusion or possibly a secondary reason for that. It looks like every plant you have still has its cots. Those provide all the nutrients the plants need until root system starts to develop. So even in a completely inert medium your plants wouldn’t need food. Even if it did, your happy frog is amended with plenty for a little while.

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Thank you!!! I flushed them last night keeping lights on for 36hrs and closer to help reduce the stretching. Then back to a 20- 4 lights schedule.

Ppm readings were: 810-818

Letting then draining in crates over tubes to collect al the water… popped the tops on the new gallon bottles

And now I wait and monitor :face_with_monocle:

Those are awfully small to be flushing too. Make sure to let them dry out well. Generally speaking, you want to be hands off of plants that small.


Let those suckers dry out, they are being swamped like drb said.
Make their roots stretch for water then just give them enough. Don’t swamp them