Ilgm Godfather OG and WW auto plus more

Oh ok right on! I was gonna say toss the worst of it. At least it’s not a total loss!

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Identical twin blue gelato 41

Blueberry’s. One on the right is the real deal idk about the other one. Might be, doesn’t seem like it

Gods gift 1 topped it lower than the others by accident and also broke one of the tops off so there’s only one

Gods gift 2 smells way different and fruitier than the other gods gift

Gfog 1. Should be the first of the gfog to finish but there’s colas that aren’t as far as this one. This one is ripening from the bottom up and random colas first over other colas but it’s finishing strong

Gfog 2. Should be the last to finish. Still has erect white pistils down low. This one has the fattest buds of the gfog and the frostiest trichs

Gfog 3. Has traits of both of the above gfog. All the gfog are are purple, light green and yellow this one no exception.

WW week 4 day 6

Fruity pebbles is exploding

Alien rock candy, bubblegum, atf


Candy kush auto from last year. Looks exactly like my current one. Consistent genetics on that strain


The small blueberry bud that I cut and washed dried already. Was just enough to fill a bowl. One word: dank!!

1 hit has me higher than I’ve been in a minute. I’m going to go ahead and certify it as dj short blueberry for the choke alone and yes it taste like blueberry a little. Going to finish the bowl and think hard about when I want to chop this plant. It’s already potent enough for me

It was light green when cut but dried purple and black and dark green and is hard ball nug

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The high is the heavy eye lid high if anyone knows what I’m getting at. After about 4 hits I’m sitting here pretty much staring at nothing and smiling to myself. Eye lids feel like they weigh too much

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They’re hard balling up now I just checked. :+1::sunglasses::pray:

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thats awesome

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Defoliated the romulan haze auto and the Bruce banner auto. Days 83 and 53


Week 9 day 5

Week 4 day 7 in the back