ILGM God Father OGs!

Harvested the rest of the Godfather OG


Week 10 Updates

Nice n bushy before the defol and flip

Before n after the defol. 8 more weeks ish. Super excited all over again!!


I’ve prolly done axed,…but, what’s soda dip/bath,…whatever,…for exactly?..:nerd_face::woman_shrugging:

This is the rest of the Godfather OG after drying and run through the bud trimmer


Yeah I learned after like 2 weeks of the flip the branches turn woody. Need to treat them like bows and wide ass bends not super crop style. That’s too much of a bend when this late in flower and if u spread it at all make sure to tape the joints where u topped to avoid the splits like that. I did one bad bad and thought it was gonna kill the plant. It lives but that branch threw out na ners I believe from the stress of it breaking when it did and it was like a third of the plant on that section that broke loose. So watch good make sure no banners form from the stress crack.


No worries @Mark0427 - she’s long since got the chop and hang. We’re currently putting her to the torch on the regular. Tastey little lady she is!! My root over project is a clone from that summer run!!

The Godfather tent is flowering real nice currently!!


This is awesome I Love it . Talk about being creative… you godfather skull is so cool

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Thank you @Buck29048 , truth be told I saw another grower doing it and thought it’d be neat to try one myself. His was way rootier lol.

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Hedgehog time


Lights out flash pics Godfather OG


Beautiful!! Those look tasty and so diamond-y
Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey there stranger!! Miss your presence!! Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday with your family!! :turkey: