Ilgm Girl Scout cookies extreme help

Hello everyone this is my first time growing auto flower seed and I got all the way to the end of the cycle have some nice looking buds but I seed a bunch of seeds fourming what happend ?

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They got pollinated by either a male plant or 1 of the autos hermed and pollinated itself


No males here so must of Hermd will them buds be good to smoke or ?

It’ll still be ok, just gotta pick the seeds out

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Hey @Andy77 ,
While I see some fat calyxes I actually don’t see any seeds…but i am old and maybe cant see it
Open up that flower (not a seed) in your palm and see what’s inside.


@Andy77 happening to me right now also on one of my gscx from ilgm. Was told its foxtailing wich I believe is what’s happening.


I agree with @Spiney_norman

Open it up. But I’m guessing just fat calyxes


Mine are foxtailing too… hmmm

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What is your medium, light setup and photo period schedule?
What nutrients and feeding schedule are you using?
How far are your lights positioned from your plant canopy?

Maybe a bad batch or something? I have 5 of them outside one I’m in a losing battle with mold in june! wich I thought they were mold resistant strain but I could be mistaken. other 3 look great and one foxtailing and all are treated equally and in same spot in yard. I have 4 ilgm white widows in ground in my garden but they all just started showing sex so no males anywhere. Weird

Yeah I’m with @Spiney_norman fat calyxes , should be nice and soft.

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