ILGM GGA. 2nd try

Doing 3 Gorilla glue autos from ILGM. Using my 3x8’ tent, quantum board lights and using small fan and humidifier since winter humidity is very low below 25%. Using fabric 3 to 5 gal bags. Ocean floor and cocco loco mix 2x1. Have to use spring water from the local springs my property well is to hard for any living plant. And cant use rainwater after fall cause it freezes. I’m trying again cause all my last seeds did not germinate. And 2 more of the replacements were bunk too.
So hope they will come through. I have a amnesia haze in flower and just started a blue berry auto. Just seeing how the grow with little to no help. These gorilla seeds will be fed, pruned, lst, and very well looked after.
I’ll reach out to my old friends that I’ve helped me or taught me something useful and not so useful things. I’ve missed you all and missed the growing.
I will show any photos of seeds sprouting IF they do indeed germinate.


I found my old handle I’ll switch it around.