ILGM genetics seem to b killing it!

[Uploading: 20211218_181409.jpg…
What do u growmies think??


Well it looks like a marijuana plant. What strain? Your gonna have plenty of bud soon.

2 Girl scout cookies 1 wedding cake 1 cherry pie

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What kind of light you running in there Weas?

1000watt HPS. It dimmed down to 650watt.

Yeah you fixing to have some tight nugs I thought I recognized that red glow. Looks good. I notice my plants have a lighter look under HPS during flower than under the LEDs never noticed it before this year when I bought some LED lights.

I cant wait!! But ill keep u updated on the ladies.

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You kicked them to 12/12 yet?

Yes sir a week ago or so

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I’ve been very happy with all the ILGM gentetics. Maybe not the newest and coolest, but they seem to be very resilient and have a high success rate.

Very strong n healthy ladies!! Very impressive!!

All organic !!!