ILGM genetics indoor grow

I started out using 2 gal then considered 5 gal which seems like too much for my taste and space so I settled on 3 gal. My biggest yield so far is a little over 2+1/2 oz. This one looks like she could top 3 when done. :pray:

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The 5 gal container would have more surface area on top so you can LST a little more if the overall size of the plant is your main concern.
Fingers crossed that you get 3 oz plus. She looks delicious right now!

Time once again for weekly pictures.
Have some issues that I need more eyes on this week so there will be tags.
So, on with the presentation.
I was concerned with the biggest one being cramped and not getting good ventilation so I “modified” my tent and opened/expanded one side. We do not get many visitors so smell is not an issue.

So it now has 2+1/2 sides and partial “sunroof”.
Runty has really put on a show this week and is showing fuzzy preflowers.

The other twin. Not much noticeable change except for bud stretch.

Now for the issues. Is this normal yellowing/dying off fans?It is mostly/all on larger fans but appeared quickly and is spreading quickly. Seem to run into similar issue every time.
My big girl, About 5 weeks left I figure. She is 24" tall and wide.

This is a potting soil/compost mix heavy on peat and perlite added.(very light weight)
Beginning of grow straight water would run off at 2500ppm or more. Now adds about 1000ppm to a feeding runoff. I adjust Ph to low 6’s. Using Humbolt’s secret part A (4-0-1) part B (1-4-2) Cal-Mag w/iron (2-0-0) and miracle grow(yeah, yeah, I know, MG bad) bloom booster (15-30-15). Temps hover around the mid 80’s. Takes water every other day, 3 feedings/1 water only cycle. Gets 1 gal with runoff around 20% (usually)
@BobbyDigital @kaptain3d @PurpNGold74 @Low @Covertgrower I am looking for my best harvest yet. Any input is appreciated even if you want to scold me for the MG. LOL


All look excellent. Only suggestion is to elevate the short one, so it can get proper light intensity. This should help prevent loose formed flowers.


:point_up_2: agreed

As for the yellowing leaves looks a bit like nitrogen, not sure I’d be concerned about it with how far that one is into flower.


I have items ready for that exact purpose. :+1:

could it be N toxicity? The bloom boost has a spitload of N. Maybe I will cut down on it by half. :face_with_monocle:


I’d expect them to be darker green if it was tox. But it’s no big deal where they are now. :+1: looks good to me. Just the fan leaves right? I’d say it’s fairly normal.


My WWA in a 2’ x’3’ tent.
This is what you got to look forward to!
Yours might even turn out better than mine! :+1: :sunglasses:


Nice, I have been watching your grow as well.


Another week has crawled by and I have updated pics from today.
The li’l “runty” one

The “good child”

…and “cuz” looking real close to ready.

I have more close up trich pics…if I can find them. They are playing hide and seek on my pc. LOL


I was determined to find them since they were such a pain in the ass to take.

@Spiridly @Flying-High @PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower @Low
It is only 5 weeks in flower.


I agree!!! Taking close up pics can be quite a task!
I take my close ups outside and even the slightest breeze can give me conniptions…and it takes so much patience to get that close to perfect focus!
Pics and plants look great though!

8 weeks from sprout. :seedling:
Updated the grow space. Now sitting up on a table. Less bending for me I hope.
Here are this week’s pics.

The runty one has really grown into a decent plant.

The good girl, not as big as cuz got but will be a nice harvest.

The “big” one, cuz, is chopped and drying now.

Welcome next generation.

That is NOT 2 plants in one 5 gal planter. One is in a home made “starter cup” and will have it’s own 3 gal planter…



It must be great to be able to grow all year long indoors…I’m still a few years away from indoor growing, so untill then I have to make do with outdoor growing.
Thank God for the photoperiods to get me thru the winter. I cut down 2 plants and have 2 more to go. The 2 plants I cut have given me 2.5lbs wet weight. I’m hoping for 10oz dry🤞

Do you have a grow going all year long?


My first ever grow was last Dec. and have had something growing ever since. I have been trying to manage a system to have 3 plants 1 month apart so I can continually harvest once a month. Problem is getting enough stash to keep from buying any more.

So, the polls are open for this month’s Bud of the Month. I would like to encourage anyone visiting here to also swing by and check out the many amazing entries this month. Voting is easy and you can change your vote as you like until polls close. Just click on your choice and it is “sticky” so no further action is needed. To change your vote anytime, simply click a different choice and it moves there.

Go here

Sad to report that the sprout in the “homemade starter cup” has crapped out. Pretty sure it is my fault, it was too wet I think. No warranty claim will be made. I will just start a replacement and continue to grow.

Ok, weekly post with pictures.
First of all, the big one “cuz”, not ILGM, gave me 1/4lb of finished bud. (mostly) All tucked safely away into Grove Bags.(I am almost thru a half oz “sampling” it) :crazy_face:

My little runty stunty girl is looking good except for a little spotting of fans.

My first ILGM seed (and mother to my BOM entry :flushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

Next up seedling.
1x3/4 LOL


@The1stTimer @Spiridly @Low @Flying-High @nopuffgabe @TheVirginian @Jonniebluedish @roost1 @SilvaBack203 how is everyone?