ILGM genetics indoor grow

Looking beautiful great job

It’s Tuesday, April 12 2022 and this is my weekly post. I can’t get a good family photo these days (grow area has spread out somewhat) so a few single shots will have to do.
This is the BK with mild bud rot. Excised the affected bud and have not seen any spread yet.
Buds are between 2+1/2 and 4 inches across.

Here’s her sister, thick as a carpet.

Figure around 4 more weeks if they hold out that long.

These seeds from a hermie are exploding with growth. They are taking up the whole grow area.
This one has a nice shape I think. :deciduous_tree:

This one is getting so tall I had to supercrop it. It is in full on flower. Looks like it could be my biggest plant yet.


Oops, almost forgot what day it is.
Tuesday April 19 2022. One of the mature Bubba Kush’s got chopped today. Cut it off the stems and wet trimmed. With the mold risk, I am going for a faster dry than usual. These nugs are going in a paper bag.

The other one gets the axe tomorrow to celebrate 4/20. She will also get cut off the stems and will go on the brand new hanging herb drying rack.

They are both around 13 weeks old with 8 solid weeks of flowering.
These are the hermie girls. They are about 7 weeks old. Flowering started last week for the tall one and in the last few days for the shorter one.

This one got super leggy. Had to do some supercropping.

These two will have lots of room now. The elevated planter is ready for a White Widow auto that is growing a tail right now. Ran a few gallons of rainwater (27 PPM) thru the planter yesterday and got an average runoff of 2200 PPM. Added a little peat moss in the center to make it gentler for the seedling. Will drop it tomorrow as well.

Should have a pretty good idea of what the (dry/finished) yield will be on the BKs in next week’s update.
Happy Growing everyone!
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Congrats on the chop(s)!!! I just made a bunch of chocolates!!! Happy holidaze!!!


That BK has some huge fat nugs im interested to see how they are after drying lol over all looking good brotha man you are always got something new going haha


Sweet! Congrats on the harvest. Sucks about the mold but its a part of the process

Looks sticky and like a good yield. Don’t forget to blow the first puff through the screen and tag me so I can inhale :pray::joy::ok_hand::nerd_face:

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Well, all the ILGM seeds are done for now. The two Bubba Kush’s harvested on 4/20 are almost ready for Grove Bags. Looks like 160g of good buds will be the total.
Anyways, here is what the grow area looks like now.

That is an ILGM White Widow sprout that went in the dirt on 4/20, the two mature plants are from self-pollinated plant. I am unsure of the strain but it is acting like a Sativa dominant for sure.

Special appearance from way back on 01/11 here is the volunteer tomato that came up in my mulch.

Plant is 30" tall from base of soil. The 1st and largest tomato is about the size of a golf ball. It has about 12 tomatoes and 30+ blooms currently. I have trimmed many huge leaves to let sunlight in and it keeps getting bigger.
Looks like I will be canning tomatoes this year!


Looking good boss man

Just dropping off a few pictures for my future reference. It’s Sunday 05/29/22
These are the sprouts from last post.
This one is in my fresh homemade soil mix.

It is so much an auto that it auto topped it’s self.

This one in the used/recycled soils is kinda self-LST’ing it looks like.

Got a kinda mean lean without any help from me.

And here is my 4/20 sprout. Not sure exactly when it started flowering but sometime between now and last post. Call it a week or so.

This has been in my house way too much lately and I’m not sure how and when that started.

Not really as dirty as she looks. That is just odd pigmentation. Also has purple splotches on her tongue.

Freakin’ 60(+)lb hairball.
Watchdog my hind leg. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This bouquet gets the chop tomorrow. Took it out of the grow area and placed in my drying box for now. Still has root attached, just making room.


Girls and dog r looking good

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Here’s the one that was in a box in last post.
Cut off all the bud/branches.

Look at that rootball! (shaken off)

Taproot like a carrot! (rinsed off)

Pre-trimmed (fan leaves) hanging in the drying box nice and full.

A few small ones to dry in a paper sack for sampling.


Final trim got done today and placed into Grove Bags. Used my home-made cannabrush for the manicure and total weight of finished bud is 3+1/2 oz.
Now it’s time to chop her sister.
Gonna need more GB’s. :star_struck::+1: cause I finally have enough stash to let some actually cure before it gets smoked up. :man_bowing: :man_superhero: :dizzy:


It took until about round 3 for this to happen lol! And it wasnt a safe cushion by any means. But having harvest leftover for another harvest just seems to not happen very often… maybe we should drop more seeds :rofl:


About a year and a half since I dropped my first bean and had at least one growing always since. Trying to get it where I harvest one every 6-8 weeks.
We go through about a half oz a week and my stash is now at 6+1/2 oz in Grove Bags (3oz cured already) and a decent plant (maybe yield 3 oz) just went into the drying box.
Behind that is one White Widow in flower about 2 weeks and 2 more WW vegging. :+1:

Just ordered more 1/2oz Grove Bags and got some 1oz size this time as well.


This is the one that “topped” it’s self. No damage, just made 2 tops.

And her bushy sister.

This is the one that was born on 4/20


I have heard that in full flower mode, you should not use N and increase the P & K. I use 2-4-4 for 4 weeks while in preflower then switch to 0-3-3 for the last 8 weeks when watering. Any input from the masters?


Definitely not a master but I can agree on more P+K but not sure about no N at all. I use same nutes throughout and use potash and bone meal for extra P+K.

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