ILGM GDP(f) Fox Farms grow - Happy Frog vs Lucky Dog


They are going to get to 5-6 nodes in no time and it’ll be time to snip snip! You’re still going nebula on them right?


I am mainlining them, and really saw no difference between what the nebula dude did and the original guy that did it. So yes, or no, or whatever.


Which other guy? Can you show me what you mean with links? I believe I know and I made a comment about this before recently.

There is one method, I believe Nebulas, that looks like an even distribution to all 8 colas, then there is a shortened mainline version which is still 8 colas, but the 4 closer to the base get more juice than the ones further from it.

I believe both will yield well but Nebulas has more potential if what you’re looking for is aesthetics of grow as well, it’ll create 8 even and equals, where’s the shortcut will give you 4 on the inside that are bigger and 4 outside of those that are a smaller.

Hopefully this makes sense?

The difference in execution is for Nebulas you have to go through 3 topping sessions. With the shortcut version you only go to 2 topping sessions. Needless to say, Nebulas takes more time too :wink:


Can’t post the link because of adverts, but search for "Nebula’s Manifold – Cannabis “Main-Lining”. The “nebula” is this dudes take on a manifold, which is also called a mainline. Nebula is the dud’s screen name. He copied some other guy (who he gives credit to in the tutorial), who probably got it from someone else.


Ah OK. But did what I explain make any sense? You can achieve 8 colas in 2 different ways. I guess I should draw them up, words don’t explain it well.


I’m going to let the plant do what it does after I snip it and see. All strains are different, and since I have room I may leave the top 2 at the second node as well for 10 total.

And it is called a ‘manifold’ because the set-up looks like a V-8 engine exhaust manifold.


I’m actually more curious about how long to let it go after training before flipping. The nebula dude talks about flipping right away - which tells me he is probably doing a sativa that he knows will stretch.


I had the exact same question. I’ve been asking my friends and they don’t know the answer. It’ll definitely be strain dependent but, The stretch can’t be calculated by measuring from top of grow medium in a straight line to top of canopy. Cause the plant is much older, and has been bent every which way to stay that short.

I think we need to figure out the height it would be untouched, perhaps using a string to measure from end in the same shape of the manifold, that’s the length to do the math on?


None of that. I know what the start needs to look like, and I’ll have either 8 or 10 nodes.

At that point is when I need to decide - no matter how long it takes to get there. If it goes quick with the QB’s so be it. But I don’t want to get 5-6 nodes as quick as possible and have no stretch. By the time I get to that 6th node, the shoots I am keeping should have good structure, maybe a second node stretched up already.

So what I was saying was I think letting it go vertical to the 6th or 7th node, to make sure those ‘keeper’ shoots grow first, makes sense, and for a “rule” might satisfy different strains.

Also might do some shoot pruning as it grows. I think that the leaves growing at every node is fine. The shoots that you are not keeping just suck energy.


So basically the only thing ‘set’ is that at some point I’ll snip it at the 3rd node and go from there. Those shoots could still be allowed to go mostly vertical to get the stretch you want. Either gradually start bending them once the 3rd node on each shoot pops - OR - let it get a little taller than that then super-crop each limb.

The recovery time from the supercrop should allow each cola to get some stretch, then flip it.


I’ll be watching man. I think I’m concerned about overall height because I’m flowering in the same small tent as you’re vegging. And likely why I’m going for ScroG to control height vs guesstimating how tall those main colas will get.

You have almost infinite height in your flower closet. So two different angles I suppose. The more we discuss these things, the more I realize you make a great point that no advice given by anyone (other than deficiency diagnosis) should be taken blindly, because we have environmental variables and factors that no one is thinking of when they provide insight.

Either way man, I think you’re gonna do even better than the skunks with your GDPs and as you know, I’m set to watch.


If I could get Indica dominant GDP to sprout 4’ cola I’m ready for it, but in 3 gallon pots that ain’t happening. I just got to 30" on Nancy in a 5 gallon pot. And again, I’m not going for a long veg. I don’t have a set date, but I want a sufficient veg. Whether that is 4 or 6 weeks.


I have a few outer limbs on Nancy that will probably be at least a half oz. I can picture a plant with 8 or 10 of those, and if they get to a mere 14g each… See what I mean? And I want to taste a lot of different strains.

Depending on the size and yield in 3 gallon pots, I hope to fit more in the closet next time, maybe 3 or 4 total


Also search “Main-Lining” Tutorial by Nugbuckets"

You can see in his tutorial that there are different methods he tried, one with 16 cola. I think the main difference is that in this tutorial, the plants get topped twice or more, so that will slow the veg stage. the upgraded version just tops once, and the rest is pruning and LST, but not topping.


Yep, that’s the difference I was pointing out. I believe the shortcut results in uneven colas. Not perfectly uniform. But that’s just a theory for me.

I’ll let you know once I flower since I set it up with the shortcut.


I was also wondering if leaving that top shoot at the second node on each side would throw it off and make the ends smaller. Might just snip it, but not right away.




This is my first planned out and thawed out grow that I’m taking time and observe everything that happens reading about all this screen of green and mainlining manifolding this that the other and it all boils down to this mainlining think about it like this the main branch that comes out if you don’t sniff that and allow both branches that come out of it to be the same size you’re always going to get one that’s a little bigger than the rest you have to do even pruning and topping on all branches or you’re going to have ununiform buds I’m seeing that now which I thought super cropping was the point to make everything equal but really it’s just making everything even and there’s still that Maine Center Cola that’s coming from the center shoot that is going to be a little larger than every other one I’m seeing not much because the plant is thinking the side branches are new Topps now even though it’s top is not gone what really has to happen for it to be equal is equal topping on every branch that pops out and as far goes for the screen of green if you’re doing LST you really don’t need any recovery time if anything it’s best to flip with everything is exactly at the same size and height and right after you do some tying down training LST unless you’re planning to tie it down flipped go through stretch and then tie it down one more time which I wouldn’t want to do because you would be disturbing precious Bud sites


As I tried to swim through that, I think you are missing what the discussion was about. each shoot after the mainline will usually be set ip for 8 nodes just because of how plants grow. in that the 1st and 3rd node shoots on each side are kept because they point sideways, but the top and bottom shoots at node 2 are snipped.

The discussion was whether the top shoot at node 2 being left on would stunt the growth of the last 2 on each stem - therefore would probably not be worth keeping.

Everything else regarding the basics about mainline, LST, topping etc. I’m all good on for the why’s and how’s.


Feeding day. 400ml each with the week 1 nutes. Used the big-bloom at 10ml/gal instead of 15.