ILGM GDP(f) Fox Farms grow - Happy Frog vs Lucky Dog

Strain - ILGM Granddaddy Purple(Fem) order #301720
Soil mix in pots (FF Lucky Dog vs FF Happy Frog)
House kept at 73f (Small 20x36x63 veg tent and 36x30x8’ closet grow inside)
Light system, size - HLG 135v2 for veg tent, HLG 260v2 for closet.
Ventilation system - 4" 190 cfm ducted exhaust with filter
upgrading to AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Thermostat Speed Control after harvest of current grow.
Have small humidifier and dehumidifier as needed.

9/20 - Seeds wet (24hrs, cracked w/ mini-tail just showing)
9/21 - In Root-riot pod, in solo-cup with 5050 sifted peat and FFHF
9/23 - Sprouts

9/29 - First true leaves pop

10/5 - First water, 10ml each, evenly around the outside of the cup :wink:
10/7 - Roots reach the bottom of cup and look healthy

Transplanted with 1/8tsp Gringo Rasta “Rhize up” sprinkled in the cup-hole (sides and bottom) then wetted well with ph’d water from sprayer.

Now under a HLG 135 on the lowest (60w) setting at 16".

And last, I sprayed the soil around the tops with a little more water.


Oh, and I’ll be using the full line ‘dirty dozen’ fox farms nutes for both exactly the same with one exception.

The “Bembe” nute from FF has a cane sugar sweetener, and one will get that while the other gets the Botanicare “Sweet Grape”.

I Also RO water, and add Cal-Mag (w/iron) religiously, basically controlling everything, and turning my RO water back into controlled tap water :slight_smile:

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And here is the tentative schedule. Nutes listed in ml/gallon, but instead of adjusting the ‘ml’ I’ll start with the full strength measurements, but in more than a gallon of water to adjust the percentage. I’ll explain when they get nutes :slight_smile:


So the lucky dog is a more earth based medium than the ocean forest’s sea base?

I’m only doing this once, @Mr.Indica @Wildwest @Willd @dbrn32 @Drillbit @zparkie2 @MattyBear @Familyman @DoobieNoobie @SmoknGranny If I forgot anyone, tag them in a comment :wink:


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Happy birthday, @Whodat66!


Happy Birthday!

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Hey! welcome!

Their ingredients are very similar, but the lucky dog looks to have way more perlite, and it isn’t chunky, very evenly sifted.

I have a habit of going by pot-weight for watering, (light or heavy) and the first thing I noticed was that mostly dry, the FFHF was noticeably heavier.

We’ll see :wink:

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Thanks for the birthday wishes all (and future) well-wishers. I have a potential 30z drying, a potential 4-5 oz still growing, and new plants to play with - and I am also spending the day ‘high on my onw supply’ thanks to an early-snipped larf limb :yum:

That said, I ain’t big on birthdays, just happy to be here for another one LOL


I thought lucky dog was a peat mix? Which would make it more like promix soilless than ocean forest right?


Side by side they look the same except for the perlite. Ingredients read almost the same as the FFHF, just different percentages.

FFLD may have more peat, but it still looks very ‘dirt-y’ or ‘soil-y’ nothing approaching a coco look.

Cool, I’m definitely watching. :+1:

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Happy Birthday man! Good luck with the new grow too :sunglasses::v:

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@Whodat66, right on man. Watching for updates! Excited about this strain and your A/B test results.

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Ok - a little shop-keeping/disclaimers/notices for this page.

Anyone new interested in watching, enjoy, but click it on your own at the bottom because I just tag people if I have a question :wink:

Sometimes it tends to get like a book-face page, so be forewarned, I’m cool with it as long as it remains within forum standards.

I am a retired, happily divorced, grandpa, conservative, and I think that for the USA businessman Trump is probably the last best hope of getting weed dropped from the narcotics schedules for research and legality. The DNC and the GOP will continually fight about it if for no other reason than to appear strong to their voters. Won’t argue it, just be warned :wink:

Here’s my last (current) grow as a reference 1st ILGM grow - Superskunk(fem) - #2778 by Whodat66

I have low hurdles for this grow, I am using smaller (3gal) pots to keep the size down, but I’m main-lining them and hoping for 4oz per plant. (math wise, 8 tall cola per plant @ 14g per cola). but 4-6oz total would be great. Just growing for me to smoke. In that mindset, I also will not do much extended veg. I want to grow a lot of strains quick, and build a buffet of stuff to smoke - Mix-pack style ;).

If the 2 plants leave enough room I may do some cloning when I top them, but I’m hoping to have 3 plants at once that stay small enough to be manageable.

And lastly - I welcome input, love constructive criticism, and consider all input. It is easy to change my mind with facts or experiential knowledge, but I don’t care for anecdotal ‘evidence’ of stuff. So don’t get hurt feelings if I don’t take advice - conversely, don’t be too excited if you change my mind about something LOL

Just waiting for this to harvest (about the 16th) and moving the girls to that room after cleaning and some upgrades.


Yup. Dumbing it down, keeping it simpler, thinking about 80% tops for the nutes except cal-mag. Oh, and the sweeteners (Bembe and Grape) will be 100% and when called for will also be added to the between-nute watering’s like cal-mag. not skimping on those since I want to see results.

I also know from the unscientific slurry test that both soils start with about 500-600ppm. So I don’t know what the usage versus nutes added will be by the time I flush the first time, but I have some reference data.

The greenhouse guy up here said the same: it’s like promix, but filled with organic nutrients.


Howdy! If I forgot to tag you welcome!

I am just going by look and feel, and unlike the FFOF both have a “Grandma’s recipe” of mycorrhizae.

If you have anything in particular you want to see pics of, I have extra of both and a decent macro camera.

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