ILGM GDP Auto Grow attempt # 1

I am interested in Bruce Banner. I keep going back to it but first need to see how odiferous it will be with cannabis that doesn’t smell strong and gauge how far that travels in the neighborhood.

I have felt such pride in what I have grown. My first crop was harvested a tad early but otherwise everything has been better than any top shelf or above we have bought. I am an athlete and used to failure to achieve a goal so this has seemed almost too easy. Attempting to grow Magic mushrooms has given me PLENTY of ongoing failure for six months now…but I am an athlete, we expect failure for awhile until we figure out how to nail it. :laughing:

I know a thing or two about fungus. Maybe I can help.

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I just played it a bit too loose with my practices. Now I am tightening it up. Having some success right now with popcorn tek colonizing. A Thai Lipa, plucky strain, overcame all my faults and gave me 46 grams before being done. I tried to fruit it too early. Humbling experience for sure!

I didn’t have a lot of luck with corn. WIld Bird Seed, now that’s a different story! More precisely, Red Milo. Do you intend to spawn to a bulk substrate or lay out your grain and case it? What kind of fruiting chamber do you use?

I have bulk substrate from NorthSpore. Their grain bags arrived contaminated this last week. I had initially tried BRF cakes; now realize that is not a good idea but one plucky Thai Lipa cake eeked out a bit of fruit in spite of it’s harsh life on earth, that strain is the one that is just going like wild fire in the popcorn right now. I use a brooder box with temp controller for the colonization part and then for fruiting I have a Gorilla Fame box that I like a lot better than the Martha Tent.

Thats alot of pre-made gear! I imagine that fame box would be really good for a small grouping of pf cakes. Or one or two larger trays of spawn. It looks like its a hybridized monitor. Kinda spendy, but if it works then that doesn’t matter. I started out with an incubator I built out of two buckets and a fishtank heater. My experience with incubators was about a 60% failure rate. 81 degrees is a perfect temperature to rapidly grow mycelium to be sure, but it is also the best temp to culture bacteria, as well as mould. My thoughts were that because of the time it takes for spores to generate hyphae then for those hyphae to reach eachother is longer then it takes for a competitive mold, like say trichoderma or a bacteria, to begin flourishing and establish a dominance inside the jar/bag. Once I removed the incubator from my process I started seeing a reduction in contamination, down to about 25% failure. It adds a week to consolidation times but it was worth it. Do you buy pre-made substrates and spawn out of necessity? If not you should consider making your own, its quite easy, and considerably cheaper. Plus, personal satisfaction of knowing it was made correctly. You will need a pressure cooker and some quart canning jars for spawn and a 5 gallon bucket for substrate. Mushroom substrates are very simple to make, a ratio of 1 quart spawn to 2 quarts substrate is the amount needed and a 50/50 ratio of vermiculite to coco coir for the makeup. To this mix you will add 1 quart each of used coffee grounds and gypsum for each brick of coco coir used. Pasteurize in bucket. Not sure where you get your knowledge from but if you haven’t checked out the you should.

It was an extravagant expense but I was at the point of just needing plug and play with a ton of life stuff going on. Of course, once it arrived and I saw it, I was like, “I could build this.” Unfortunately, it sat unopened awhile and went ahead and got on for our son’s birthday…and later thinking…I could have made this.

I have my brooder set on 77 deg. I did try 80 deg and they stalled. I have three BRF cakes that started on 12/28 and stalled and now started up again.

As of yet, I have a purchased substrate. Since we are moving the cannabis to a greenhouse this year and a building a shop next year for the grow, I no longer need the 5x5 tent and think I will set it all up for the mushrooms. I do want to move to making my own substrate. I took a pretty hard fall last year during a long training run, on snow and ice, and suffered a facial fracture and substantial concussion . I am just now getting to where I feel like I can organize my thoughts enough to be able to start trying. Literally, I cannot even organize a recipe and I am a gourmet level chef. We are living off of snacky stuff. Even boiling water seems difficult. But it is getting better. Not a great excuse, but it did effect how well I could absorb the trillions of shroomery posts. :laughing:

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I dunno. Seems like a good excuse to me :smile: also a super good excuse to medicate, often. Sounds like you have a good hands with one white thumb and the other green. I miss growing mushrooms. Soon, my other half and I will be buying a house, then I can grow shrooms again.

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Update- 4 days till projected harvest. Seems unlikely it will be on THAT DAY but close.

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Looking good

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I took a few photos yesterday, I’ll try and get em online today, my internet has been dicey for the last few days. They look, and smell amazing.

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Great job, I’ve been reading your story. I just started my 1st attempt with auto’s myself, but mine will be outside in a greenhouse. Hopefully mine will turn out as good as yours did. I will be very pleased.


Thank you! We are very pleased, hope yours turn out equally as fantastic!

Ordered portable washing machine, gonna put Ophelia in the freezer immediatly after chop, turn her into bubble hash two days later. Prolly do the same with all the trim from everybody. Gonna take a few micro pics to see how close they are tomorrow.

These are random shots of larger tops. Very close right? I’m planning on doing 48hrs of dark before the chop. @Covertgrower and anyone else, couple more days?


Looks good enough for me.

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Lights out in an hour, I’ll post pics of the chop after 2 day dark period.

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Srsly longest day of grow yet. We realized that we spend quite alot of time with the girls. Its hard keeping them in the dark.

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Tomorrow morning! I’d do it tonight but I’m exhausted from getting everything together and ready. Side note: got an infuzium 420 few weeks back. Used 1/4 of top shelf and have made 2 batches of baked treats. Far superior to edibles from dispensary. Can’t wait to cut the cord with the dispensaries!

What a day! Harvest is completed. We decided that since we live in AZ and it has been very windy and dusty, we would do a budwash. Very glad we did, the plants looked amazing after the wash! It was night and day between the buds we had washed and their unwashed counterparts. We will be doing one every time we harvest from here on out. You should too! It made them all POP and look super fresh!
First bucket

2nd bucket

3rd bucket

And now onto the Harvest.
Ophelia is freezing, gonna make bubble hash with her in a couple days.

Her buds are marbled purple and green.
Hazel was the largest of the girls and at first glance most purple.

Melody was next, so much purple!

Next up Aurora. She has a very bright purple bud, it really showed after the Dark Period. Don’t know if it was the dark or just hard to see under the LED’s.

Last and easily my favorite plant, Ivy.

Drying away in the tent. Update in a couple days.