ILGM GDP Auto Grow attempt # 1

Well I finally harvested my 1st auto’s, 3 were runts, and this 1.


Looks good!

Congratulations! Should be set for a little while.

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@splixy this was my first.

Holy govna Doc! Incredible grow! I’ve been power reading this cause I couldn’t wait to read it all lol. I’m just learning that you can click on names and figure out where their forums are and what they post:) Well I found yours, and you are incredible! I couldn’t believe that we almost have the same set ups:)

But I’m learning fast that a 3 x 3 tent does not house fore plants, or even three when they’re in bloom. Two flowering plants can fit in a 3 x 3 tent and that’s about it. I I’ve also learned that an HLG 260W isn’t big enough for 3 x 3 tent. I might take this light up north to my vaca house and other tent and buy one with a larger footprint for here. btw, is this your current thread you are manning? I’d like to keep up reading what you do to learn. You are so very knowledgeable! And of course thank you for everything so far!

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Thats my current log.

Got 5 in there right now. Did 5 in this grow 4 in the last. I dont think 4 or 5 photos would go over in there very well. But autoflowers for sure. Worst case, you cut away a branch or two from each plant to make room for the canopy…nobody wants to chop up their plant but fill the space, train em in.

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I bet these girls been consumed… They looked good.

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Yes its all gone

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@Adtr.bran this is my first grow I change to a 3x3 mid grow.

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@Sammys this is my first

@HunnyButta this is my first journal lots of good beginner info in here.

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Lookin good ! I’ve got some GDP autos along side some bag seed as well one of the gdp is super purple the other is beginning to purp up now too they are on day 40 of flower now. This community is Dank!

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That is the TRUTH! I love this place. Spend most of my time here. I love me some purple weed too!


@Sitro this is my first grow.

@bbdeb1958 this is my first journal

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Hey there been on your journal reading and looking. Like I said this is my first auto grow. So seeds popped out of soil 9/10. Now by my reading and calculations I would say these plants would be in harvest by November

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Upfront I wanna say that there is no guarantee about when they will finish. The timelines given by breeders are the experience they had in a commercial setting. That means pro growers, the best equipment, basicly under amazing conditions from start to finish. For us at home, its a guide at best. I have seen some autos take 17 weeks to finish. That being said the AVG timeline of an auto is…
1 week germ
1 week seedling
2-3 weeks veg
7-10 days transition to flower (stretch)
8-10+ weeks flowering time.

The best timing measure we have is flowering. Start your clock then vs when she came up. Id say your looking at sometime in dec.

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Thank you for the information. Here is some new pictures

Good morning. I am sending updates of my 2 plants. 24 days by my calculations.



@greenAF this is my first run ever.