Ilgm fertilizer

How often should I use seedling fertilizer? Veg? Flower?


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Few people here use ILGM ferts. And those that did usually move on.
Not that they are bad, probably just fine, but there are cheaper more accessible nutrients.
What instructions did you get? In a lot of soils you don’t even need seedling nutrients for several weeks.
What soil are you using?


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I’m using ffhappy frog

The ilgm fertilizer didn’t come with any instructions other than how much to mix. I like that it totally dissolves in water. What would you recommend for the next batch? This is my 2 nd tent grow. Grew outside for years.

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Happy frog will go at least 4 weeks, so if you start a seedling in a solo cup if happy frog for a couple weeks, then transplant into a bigger pot of happy frog, it’s good for another 4 weeks, so you’re basically looking at going all the way through veg before adding nutrients. Then you can top dress with something if you desire. I use fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3.


Thanks, since I already have ferts would you try using once a week. Hate to throw it away. I’m growing godfather og this time.

I believe most measure the ppm of the runoff. Then fertilize when the PPM drops to approximately 1000. The fertilizer is designed for photos; if growing autos use at at 1/4 or 1/2 strength. Water to about 20% runoff and use a a TDS meter to measure the parts per million.



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Thanks everyone