ILGM Feminized Hindu Kush

Greetings fam,

First timer here! 8 days since seed was planted, 2x2x5 tent, 600w Led lamp in veg (bluish light) setting. Currently in coco loco (no nutes), plan to transplant tomorrow in 5 gal fabric pot w/Cali hot mix, w/ fox farms top. Currently have plastic cover and light at 24". I took the plastic top off today for an hour and moved light to 36" and leaves curled up and yellowed, so I put cover back on and moved light back to 24". Watered a little today for first time in two days, soil was dry and pot was light. Figure I’ve done just about everybody wrong so far, any helpful thoughts?!
Appreciate the time and knowledge! - Tim


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Welcome to the forum, lots of great people around to help you.

You will probably get mixed reviews about covering, I don’t cover my girls.

What light do you have? 600w LED with bloom and veg switch makes me assume you got a burple off amazon. Can you post the link or specs? Light will/should be your biggest investment in your grow.

My 2 cents on your current state, remove the dome and put some air circulation over her.

Good luck! You can tag people here by @ sigh. Like @RainKing8 or @Zee. :slight_smile:

You will be limited to post for awhile here, being new.

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I would wait until the first true leaf was formed before transplant. I try to be as hands off as possible during seedling stage. Only watch for it to get dry or over stretch. I have covered and left uncovered. Not sure which I like best yet.

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Thanks @Zee , yes it’s a mars hydro mpn: 600w led unit.

Currently have the fan just circulating around her, guess I should send across?

Do you think light is OK at 24"? Or should I move up? The leaves really curled when I took off cover and moved light up, perhaps because I moved it up? Should have stayed at 24"/ no cover?

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@Randy_Marsh I tried attaching one to the initial post, did I do it wrong?

Rain, that light isn’t your issue. It draws Power draw: 192W according to the amazon site. Is that the light you intend to finish with, start to end? In a nutshell it’s not a true 600w light. 24" is fine.

Fans at this stage, in a week or so I’d take the flow above her, but let her get a gentle breeze, they love moving, helps root growth= more yield. :slight_smile:

Can’t change it!

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I highly recommend reading this. He is one of my mentors, and where I started. He answers questions about every aspect of growing.