ILGM does it again!


I love this place. I have been here for ten or eleven days now. i placed my order with you guys, screwed it up myself, got it arranged and you sent the seeds on the 5th. I got them already. wow fantastic gang two days. i now have 20 seeds and am scrambling to get it together to get them in soil. I was expecting them to take the 5 to 15 days you said and would have been happy it they had taken 15 or 20 as that would have worked to make my plan (budget) go according to how i wanted it. i now have no light, no tent, no soil, no pots lol i have my work cut out for me LOL great job gang, again proving to myself i’m a slacker :blush:


Glad you got all that worked out. I have been following @Familyman s advice and my seeds are now sprouting 100% in water/peroxide solution in paper towels on a heating pad. Just saying, you just want every one of them to sprout :slight_smile:


great job @JimmyBeam keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


When I first decided to try growing the first thing I did was buy some seeds. Probably because it was the cheapest thing I needed to get. I believe the closer you live to the west coast the quicker you will receive them.


Awesome news!


I did the same thing. Purchased the SSH 10+10 deal. I was still living in an apartment at the time and wasn’t planning to start growing until I moved into the house. Sometime between getting them and moving them I lost them, so I ordered 10 Crystal seeds and grew those my first grow… then decided I wanted to grow some SSH, so I purchased another 10+10… shortly after that, I found the original seeds I purchased so at one point I had 40 SSH seeds. Heh.

After growing a couple and giving a bunch away I think I still have 12 of them.


Any idea how long they are good for?


A long time as long as you don’t, ya know, leave them in your car with the windows up in Texas in August or something.


Hey @JimmyBeam. a long time if you keep them cool and dry, and even longer if you freeze. i’m just keeping my extra’s cool and dry for time being.
Hey @Bogleg lol spent some time in houston back in the mid 70’s lol yes i had melted cassettes from the back window


Did i miss something? I don’t even want to tag him and ask ha!


Haha no you didn’t. It was just a random example. :slight_smile: