ILGM Customer Experience


still having problems getting order replaced. while waiting placed second order thru seed site at the support @site— it arrived, they told me replacement order was paked with it , but was not .No replacement order was sent and now will have to go with second choice , worst part is i got NNOO gold leaf . between both orders i spent $5-600 us. AND NO Goldleaf VERY heart broken, torn package,missing contents, no extras , no free shipping,to Alaska then again no one ships free to AK … see hammer picks at forum ILGM , notice split in genetics , help if you can Mr.Bergman. thanx.


just received anice email saying that the order had been corrected and they’d send new tracking number soon . the next day i received a package that matched my second order of seeds. And if i understand the Email i received The first order is now fixed and enroute . lmao. iam still partially confused at this point .AND I think they mite be too, lol HOWEVER Ive never people who have tryed to help me thru this and correct this small thing .:slightly_smiling: .


Perfect transaction, I ordered 9 and it was fast (10 days or less). I will add more to my feedback once I finish my grows, but this just could not be simpler. Thank you!


Unhappy customer never received seeds


did you contact support ?? how long over due is it . Did you get any kind of notice?? These folks will work with you :wink:


Its been over a month since placing order contacted support they said they sent new ones out but have yet to be seeb


I know how this will sound… But, Be patient read my post in this thread . and youll see that these people will work with you till it’s right …some others make this claim, but these folks set the bar… It took awhile to get it worked out . but they came thru … just a thought , IF you can order 2-3 months in advance. in my case i ordered in a national Holiday . Many things are simply out of their control. BUT theyer warranty is solid… they even at worst case scenario refund your money …Dude that’s setting the bar high. .They have even replaced reputably seeds that didn’t germinate …so ya hang on . PS the Lady that helped me was Anna@supprort … GREAT Lady …:blush: And one last thought is if it’s doable for ya id check out mr.B’s lab .its got a lot of straight to the fact info .worth the price if ya can .but the forum is worth a tru welth of info to … hope they arrive soon …


IF you don’t mind me being curious What did you order ??? Last thought no it dosnt normally take 2-3 months .not saying THAT Just plan ahead so no matter what you can still grow ur smoke :sunglasses:


Always remember what you are trying to do. The USA says it’s illegal, so sometimes it takes 30 days or more, I have waited 3 months and I have waited 14 days. It’s not ILGM fault customs opened and took things or just delayed it. So many people will tell you this is a great company with even better genetics. You can’t go wrong with a money back GUARANTEE.


one more thought did you try tracking it??


Great service from ILGM! My order was here in less then 2 weeks. Customer service is fantastic as well. Definitely will be using again! ThanksILGM!!


Hi my packaged arrived & I can say iam very pleased with the service .Being my first order online & from overseas I will definitely be ordering again cheers.


Hey gang, just got my seeds. They alerted me on the 30th of May that my order was on it’s way. My order arrived on June 5th! That is just six day’s from the time I sent it, to my door here on the East Coast! Awesome! Trust me I have ordered from them many times and never got them this quick. Thank you Robert, Claire and the rest of the ILGM team, you are the best! Mike


I ordered some Critical, got confused at the order page as the shipping address was wrong.
I sent an e/mail and got it sorted quicksticks, thanks Stacy for your undivided attention when it was needed.
I placed my order and waited.
My order arrived in good time and in good fashion.
Customer service is just the best. Thanks again Stacy :wink:
I expect the product to equally as awesome.
I can recommend this company 100% so far as my experience with them has gone. T


First time well… 2nd time…
Never had an issue receiving seeds until this time. Something bad happened and I am a couple months and still don’t have them. I did as the site said and filed a report. This set of replacement seeds arrived in only 10 business days.I love ordering seeds from Robert. My only small complaint is I wish they had more strains. Maybe later.


Excellent customer service. I’m a return customer (2nd Order) as I had such a good experience with my first order. Recently, I had ordered a strain of seed and upon arrival only one out of three seeds germinated. I notified ILGM via email and the response was immediate - ILGM turned it right around and sent me the replacement seeds in record time. ILGM certainly honors their pledge to the customer and their satisfaction. At this time I am a ‘confirmed’ customer of ILGM due to excellent service. Note: The first seed that sprouted is on it’s way, growing well and looking healthy - therefore; I am very content.


I stumbled across this website online and never thought my seeds would arrive. Customs into Australia is a nightmare! But they did arrive and continue to arrive every time I order.
I can’t say enough good things about the ILGM team. Their website is easy to navigate, their seeds are top quality. Not to mention their replacement guarantee which is the real deal.
I highly recommend their feminized blueberry strain, I grew it organically (in soil - don’t think you can get organic nutes for hydro), under 130W CFL & it’s the best I’ve smoked. All my mates say the same.


Best team and customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Received all orders n products with no problems, when 2 seeds did not germinate it’s no problem. No run around, no delays and no jumping through hoops, just an excellent customer service team. Bob has put together the best of the best with decades of growing knowledge, all free, no purchase necessary. I basically knew nothing about growing, other then putting a seed in dirt. Well in the past 1 1/2 years I’ve learned an amazing amount about growing. The main purpose of the team is to supply knowledge without making you feel like a dummy, and again all for free. Thank you to everyone who has helped educate me in the art of growing :sunglasses::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Those are some nice words, thanks Tstar! We love it when people like yourself start from scratch and we can help out. Happy growing!


And we appreciate all that you guy’s do…