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It’s not Latewood’s team. There is a team in the Netherlands. And then there is Latewood and I, as a team for grow support, different things entirely. We have no knowledge or control over orders.

When you say you e-mailed support, was it the address you e-mailed? You should normally send order questions to which is also mentioned numerous places, or reply to your order confirmation e-mail.

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i did respond to my order email with no luck of the team responding to me. this company is a scam as far as I can tell. A week with no reply or confirmation of payment when paying with non-refundable bitcoin. I will never recommend this site if this is the way it does business.


I think it is easy to see there are a ton of responses, even in this one thread of people that did get their order proving this is not a scam.



Then where is my response from someone who can tell me anything about my order? That’s right there’s not one but my money is still gone. That sure looks like a scam. And its not hard to plant reviews adding in some bad that went good to give false hope. not saying it is a scam but that’s all i see so far. When it takes a week to still not get a payment confirmation and it clearly states “WITH IN 24 HOURS” and no response to 3 different emails to the orders team, nothing you can say to make me see it any other way since you obviously are just a defusser and cant actually help me at all with my problem. I am going to post as many bad reviews as possible on this site and review sites if this is not treated like a real business and i get a real response soon.


Slow down and relax please. I understand your concern. You are correct in that I can do nothing to make your order get changed or refunded or get to you faster.

If you hang out in the forum for any length of time you will quickly see that this is not a bunch of “bots” or a small handful of employees “faking” it. Seriously, just hang around awhile, there are too many legitimate people placing info about their own successful grows with seeds from this site.

Also, something to keep in mind, this is not like most regular businesses. maybe it can’t be treated like a “real” business. It is very likely that your order is to a place that receipt of such a product is considered illegal, and so many things will not be at all like other businesses. I honestly have no idea how things work in the Netherlands, and they sure are not going to talk about it in a public forum on the internet. All I can say for sure, is in over 2 years of working with them, and helping countless numbers of people grow the product they have received, I have no question in my mind that they are legit and will honor their seed guarantees if you have patience and keep working with them.

As far as the 24 hours thing, I have seen numerous people complain about not getting a response in 24 hours. I know they are not “open” on the weekends, or so it seems. I don’t know why some people are very happy with the response time from them and some are not. I’ll send a note about it up the chain, as well as sending a note about your specific complaint and hopefully that will get someone to get back to you soon, that is about the best I can do. Don’t forget there is a likely big time difference and give it a bit more time.



Great co. very good customer service they always make it right great genetics on the seeds . The whole team is :smile: great they have me as a customer for life.


Not to mention; The Office is closed on the weekend. Period. On weekends you will not get a response form the “orders” dept.

Please do not threaten to “Troll” on our Grow support forum. I will be forced to suspend your posting privileges. IN fact; You do not need to post anything else regarding this matter here, unless you have something new to share, politely! Enough is enough.

If you wait; I am sure that; will return your email.



Orders never arrive in less than a week, and you are posting now???
You are not going to get a response form the Office on the weekend, because this IS a business and the Office takes the weekend off as any other employees would, in any busine4ss, anywhere in the world. Chill out!


Hay latewood you and the outher people that is on the support team do you all have a full time job or is this your job.just curious no reason.if so I feel bad for you some time’s it’s a head ache.I just hope you guys keep doing what you all do.thank you guys for all the enfo.


Thanks for the reply. I am sure that The folks in orders support want to get you straight. I am going to personally forward this to ILGM in hopes to getting you a confirmation. Peace :slight_smile:

Please just be patient. I do seem to remember that someone had a confirmation issue in the past, but it did not stop the order from being processed. Fingures crossed.



I am a commercial hydroponic greenhouse farmer. Certified USDAg grower. I love helping people who desire to learn grow successfully. :smile:
Even mad members are good people. We all get pissed at times, and sometimes it is, what it is! Peace


After 8 days I finally got my confirmation. thank you for forwarding my problem, I cant help but feel it was a ridiculously long wait for payment confirmation and also feel that my post in here had something to do with me getting it finally. Fingers crossed that I dont have any more issues. Thanks again.


Your way of thanks is mildly amusing. :confused:

You could have accomplished the same result without being rude, and, by exercising a little patience. Lest we be Smug…LOL


My delivery arrived on time with no hitches.

I soaked two of the Gold Leaf seeds for 4 hours (because…impatience) and planted them in peat pots.
Put the peat pots in a germinating tray with a hood above the grow lights to keep warm. Two days later I had two of the fattest, healthiest looking seedlings I have ever seen. Two weeks out and the seedlings are beautiful.


Just got my order though it was a second attempt because the first time they shipped to my primary address the seeds never got here, but due to the follow up on Claire’s behalf(special shout out) through e-mails and customer support I was able to give them a second address where my order got to full and just as said it would.
Thanx ILGM , will be ordering soon
Yours Truely A Happy Customer all the way in Michoacan Mexico!!!


Great customer service answered every question I had. my order arrived fast and in great shape I will be ordering more soon thanks for everything


Excellent service to the southwestern USA! 12 days from order to post office with everything there and in excellent shape. Very satisfied with not only the shipping but the wealth of knowledge offered by Robert and everyone else in these forums.


Hi Guys…Steve from Canada…I’m not affiliated with ILGM in any shape or form…My first order with ILGM was running a bit late but did show up…My second order came in 11 days…Seeds all in good shape…If your seeds don’t show up in 8-10 days…Take a chill pill…relax…No one has control of what “Customs” are going to do…Some of the reply’s on here are F*#KING crazy!..What other company out there does what ILGM does…“Guaranteed Delivery”…Come on people…Give these guys/girls a break!..I can honesty say that the seeds i’ve bought threw this company have produced the largest yield i’ve ever grown…

   Thank You for your "Awesome Service & Genetics"

                                              Steve :)


ILoveGrowing Marijuana is my first place to visit on the web for information…Than You all


First time ordering seeds thru ILGM. They arrived only 16 business from time of order. What a Xmas present! Thanks ILGM.