ILGM Customer Experience


You said it. All my respect for you,. Just keep trying


Yay my order showed up yesterday, it was the third reshipped order. 1order was smashed. This time everything was great, they even added a few extra for it takeing so long. So guy just be patient you will get them.


I go to this site and find no always sends me to forums which I have no NEED for I would just like my order of seeds .never in 28 years of getting seeds from the Netherlands have I dealt with a site that has no direct order problem page one can go to for a response


Uh yeah, the internet sites in the Netherlands have been around for 28 years?

You obviously do know how to contact them, you re-posted the address yourself.


thanks for getting back to me… but back in the day before internet you got a catalogue and everything was done with cash and mailing letters back and forth. I’m not upset it just seems as things have gotten more complicated since it all depends on the internet and navigating these sites that are just so huge with way to many options for the non computer savvy person as myself. I know it must be tough to take care of all the problems you encounter and I certainly don’t want to be one of thank you. and as far as the repost goes this old timer just got lucky.


You should also have got the, in your order confirmation e-mail. Those two addresses are always your best bet.


I just got my first order with no problems at all. It took 14 business days to hit the Midwest in the USA, and the stealth shipping was awesome. Theses guys are the real deal, and I do believe that if I had had a problem; they would have fixed it.

Just put in my 2nd order because the first order went so well!

Thanks ILGM!!!


You have to write to

And it is not a good idea to put your e-mail address on a public internet bulletin board or forum.


I’m stuck like the rest of you waiting on a shipment. The day after tomorrow I will have to contact customer service, again:( 60 days with no results is a very long time to wait and I have to admit I am frustrated and having strong doubts about the stealth shipping.Good luck to you all… Hopefully the U.S. will legalize it for the whole country and we will be able to buy seeds with out these worries some day.


Hello, I ordered 5 seed and they came to me CRUSHED. I e-mailed them and they sent me 5 more and again they came CRUSHED. Now for the 3 time i e-mailed them again and wanted a full refund But they said they would Double my order to 10 seeds so I AGREED.When i got them there was only 5 seeds not crushed this tine. I e-mailed them many times over with on reply like it never even happened. I recommend you get a full refund instead. P.S 4 out of 5 seeds grew so am out 6 in total


My original post is from almost a month ago, 4 times they tried to send me seeds, 1 time customs sent me notice of interception.

At this point, I’m writing it as a total loss. I’ll order from the usual big seedbanks as I have in the past without any issues…

Started in March, now middle of July. Sheesh…

Update: On 7/20 my seeds came through! Took 4 times, but THANKS!

US customs has been a bitch


We are working on legalization but congress is slowing it down. There are a lot of states that are looking to legalize, hopefully we can get it moving. It IS frustrating to have all these problems but I can assure you, ILGM works with you to make it right. Just be patient, sit back and take a toke. Things will work out.


Thanks I’m going to contact them again, cry: I am hoping the third time will be the charm. It’s hard to have faith in their stealth shipping when it obviously is not working. I have received nothing, no notices from the postal service or customs. For all I know the postal people are keeping the seeds.The first time I ordered, long ago, I received W.W. and B.B. both had good genetics and worked out well for me. I am currently waiting for my O.G. and P.H. if they work out well also then I wanted to order the choco and straw next. Thanks for the reply back. If things don’t work out then I will have to assume their reputation is no longer any good.


Okay, I contacted customer service and was told they will reship a third time. Claire promised to double the amount of seeds for the inconvenience. I did inform them that I had not received any kind of notification from the post office or customs to explain the missing shipments. So now it is a waiting game again.


Just for the info…
I placed an order several months ago. They arrived crushed. Claire sent me a replacement order which arrived crushed as well. Claire then sent a third order which after 2 months did not arrive. A replacement was sent last week and this week I now have seeds in my hands. Work with ILGM and allow them a chance to make it right. They will.

A tidbit of advice. Don’t order seeds in July for an outdoor grow in America and then get mad at ILGM when the U.S. Customs confiscates your illegal seeds and delays your grow until it’s too late in the season. Get mad at the US Customs, vent your anger to Congress.


So just for the record, this was my first time ever ordering seeds online. I was a tad nervous after reading some of the issues some folks have had. But thought hey most people only write to complain about a bad experience. I bet there are many more that don’t say anything that everything worked out fine. I am one of the later. had 2 separate orders and they both took less than 3 weeks to arrive. got 1 one day and the 2nd the next day. all seeds intact. All I can say is like another poster said earlier, be patient, I’m sure ILGM will make good.


I freely admit my first order went great last year, but this will be my third attempt to receive my order this year. Three months is a long time to wait for anything these days that isn’t a custom built item. I don’t know where the problem is occurring, but I certainly hope they get it resolved. The negative reviews will eventually hurt their reputation and once you lose the consumers trust, word will get around and your business will fail. It’s a sad fact, but very true in this day and age of instant communication and gratification, people expect more.


It seems like customs has stepped it up this year. If you grow outside it sux having to wait 3months. It took them about that long to get mine😕. Lucky I know someone to get clones from. But in the end they will get you your order.
They even added a few extra for my trouble which was nice, I gave them to the guy I got clones from, now he has a different strain. You are so right about word of mouth, I was reading on a different site and there was a guy bad mouthing this site I as he to post the " nasty " rude " emails he got and he deleted them.
All my emails from here were great and Apologetic.
Hope you get yours soon


Well, it took 4 times but my seeds came through. Customs seized one, others who knows and finally I got my order. Gotta give them an A for effort!



Time for the happy dance :joy: The third time was the charm, I received my seeds in 10 days this time from the order sent confirmation. Claire was true to her word and doubled my order for the inconvenience :grinning:
I have no clue as to what they did different on this last order, but they need to stay with that system. Off to start germinating, have a great day :sweat_smile: