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I like the old method credit card charge. I just order few hundreds seeds and the conversion from china with an incorrect amount as listed on the web and credit card now charge me with an foreign conversion fee too. Bank kept calling because it’s from china too.


well her we go i’m another usa buyer and have not received my order.i will be happy with a refund and will go back to who I dealt with before.i am not gonna wait till it’s to late to grow please let me know how to get refunded …thanks tom


if you resend seeds instead of a refund will I be notified


You need to email. They will help you.


Mr. Robert. Just wanted to share my experience with growing. I tried for three years now and not this year but 2 years ago I grew 4 beautiful plants. I topped them at about 4 feet tall and they grew to be over my head with 4 large buds on each plant. They had a very sweet smell to them but did not give me the kick I was looking for. A nice high but think it was just a regular strain. I used something called miracle grow on them and was just wondering if you have heard of that. Its available in the states here and works very well


Robert is very familiar with miracle gro, as are most of us – and he has mentioned it by name on a few of his blogs:

However there are much better alternatives that will work much better such as our marijuana booster:


They now make different brands with different amounts of what you require


At less cost. Come on now


What do you think the strain was?


Different brands of miracle gro? The brand is miracle gro, yes miracle gro makes different formulas, but there are still other alternatives that do not cost much more than miracle grow that are much better than miracle gro for cannabis. The only miracle gro that I might recommend for cannabis would be the miracle gro for tomatoes, none of the others really.


Hey. It made my weed take off like crazy so don’t judge


Different levels of nitrogen plus others ok


You yourself said they didn’t give you the kick you were looking for, it may have been partially because of the miracle gro.

I’m not knocking it, and under certain circumstances, if you know what you are doing you can get decent results with the right miracle gro and if you use the right ones at the right time. But most of us here wouldn’t use it as our first choice, including Robert.


Ok. I understand you have been doing this for a long time so cudos


But I still LOVE IT!!


Hey, I’m not knocking what works for you, I just answered the question as I thought Robert might, as I am kind of his representative here and he doesn’t have time to read a lot of the questions posted here. That is why he has Latewood or I work in the grow forum for him here.

Happy growing,



Cool beans. I will always dig marajuana


My American spelling for it , sorry


Is that why I see a lot of posts directed to you? Damn I cant imagine all the crap you have to put up with … so sorry


Nobody likes to be yelled at and stuff, but we enjoy helping people grow, so it all works out.


A friend with weed is a friend indeed!