ILGM Customer Experience


Sorry man, you might pawn off those bogus scare tactics on a few stoners here,but I’m not buying it,because I know for a fact your “government spies” routine is nothing more than a deversion to quiet frustrated customers.
Who would seriously believe that law inforcement(or spies as you call them)would waste their time busting a few stoners buying 30 to 60 bux of seeds.
Sorry dude not trying to be harsh but knowing what I do regarding IT security your statements regarding said “spies” are completely untrue and bogus.


I agree, they likely would not spend much of their time, but you never know.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, just stating the facts, this is not where Robert and Claire spend their time.

If they were really trying to hide something or screw you over they would be here deleting everything the moment it was posted and blocking you. That hasn’t happened has it? Apparently they are not that worried about these posts, as the mass majority of other posts, as I said before, clearly show a ton of people are getting their seeds.

This is not my job, not at all, I have not been told to try and defend them, nor even spend any time with these posts at all. I work with them and not for them, I am in no way owned by them nor coerced into saying anything one way or the other. The only thing they ask of me is to help people grow, and I much rather spend my time there than trying to explain, to best of my observations, how things seem to work with them in the Netherlands or with the US customs enforcement. I’ve never been directly involved with either, so yeah, a lot of what I’ve said are just guesses.

You can believe and do what you want. It makes no difference to me.



With all the crap that Obummer is doing and all the fracas about the internet, I would not put ANYTHING past the government. I do agree that the risk is low, but you never know.


You best believe there is a shadow government ?


I’m not sure how long you have been out of the online analyst role, however, my job is an analyst for the Aus government tracking children smugglers and sex slavery rackets.

Let me give you the big tip, if one is to fly low and respect the intelligence of analyst work, and they are not hurting anyone, they are left alone. If one is to make a song and dance about their brilliance in evading law enforcement, and it catches the eye of an unhappy analyst, you will be targeted very quickly.
The best advice is to ALWAYS respect the opposition, because I’ve seen my mates take down people for being arrogant and loud . Slow and easy my friend, humility buys a lot of latitude.
Just to reiterate, I am not in the area of drug enforcement , I track kiddie fiddlers and the exploitation of child sex workers.


Yup you’re correct,however you kinda missed the point. The big fish are way more important to them.The little fish swimming in this pond are of little or no interest to them.
BTW I retired(except for occasional contract work) from it almost 9 years ago,I sure some changes have happened since.


Hello all I placed my first order with ILGM and couldn’t be more happier with there service and there packaging is awesome. What a great seed bank and will most definitely will be ordering with this company again. A very big thank you ILGM for making it so easy and hassle free.


MacGyverStoner, I have read through this entire thread and one thought keeps coming to mind. It seems that most people on here who have complaints all, or most all, are complaining because their order didn’t come in in time for them to stay on some schedule that they had set up. It is fine to have a schedule in mind, in fact it is almost essential to plan out what you are doing. However, since this is all illegal, to me it makes sense to include in that schedule a little wiggle room in case the worst happens and your order gets confiscated by customs or damaged in transportation. These things are possible for any order that you make whether it is from ILGM or anyone else. I placed my last order on 4-4-2015. I didn’t get my money in the mail until 4-6-2015 (Sunday got in the way). I received notification from ILGM on 4-15-2015 that my payment had been received and my order had been shipped. On 4-24-2015 I opened my mailbox and there the little darlings were. I later had a problem, my problem not theirs, and contacted Claire via e-mail and had a solution within 2 days. I have ordered from these people and will definitely order from them again. As a matter of fact I am about to order some different strains from them. I don’t need them for about 14 weeks but by ordering them now I have some wiggle room in case some unforeseen problem arises. I read on here about one of the writers has been waiting for 3 months and still no order had been received. I can see how he might be just a little P***** off but I believe this to be an unusual event and I am sure that ILGM will do what they say. Pease and keep it green.


I ordered nutrients and herb strains on March 11th myself and the nutrients came in in like 8 - 10 days. The rest of the order just disappeared without a trace. True to their word ILGM resent missing part of the order on April 30.

For those that might not have an inkling how it happens at Customs. It starts with random sample of X number parcels from a mailing site. Dogs go over the packages first (usually not too much success if everything is sealed up). Suspect packages are opened and the shippers, type package, type packaging, etc. noted and any contraband is confiscated.Then another batch that did get through the first hurdle gets x- rayed, sorted and opened especially if “x-ray defeating” packageing is used or parcels are marked “Do Not X-ray” as with data discs and the like and those packages opened for inspection.

It doesn’t take long to build up a data base on mailing sites, types of packages, types of packaging, and addresses of people who have had prior seizures/interceptions, etc. to a degree that it start pointing out contraband espcially for the higher volume shippers and buyers.

So far this spring the rotten little shits (Customs and Dept. of Agriculture) have nabbed 4 orders on me and one order just poofed and disappeared. So it looks like I had better get damn good at cloning if I plan on growing anything in future. Damn the bad luck. It would seem there ought to be a challenge of the whole damn system under the 4th Amendment Search and Seizure provisions. Peronally I’ve all ready classified the fine folks of these agencies 1 small notch down my shit list from the folks at the IRS. These agencies being the only real Organized Crime left in the USA today.


I ordered my seeds 5/28. Received 6/1. (USA) 5 of 10 germinated & in dirt, other 5 look close. I am pleased with my experience with ILGM… First time with company. Seeds intact when received and looks like all will germinate. I will keep you updated on progress. I was a grower old way over 30 years ago and decided to give it a try again, but much smaller scale… Not legalized where I live & was a little worried about the shipping. I received faster than I thought and I received them. all good so far. Will keep you posted.

Satisfied 1st Time Customer.


Really happy for you. Wish I could write the same.

Ordered on 5/7, sent cash that was received on 5/20, was told that my order would ship on 5/22.

Never received a confirmation email about the shipping. Still waiting on seeds. USA order as well.


Make sure when you send a e-mail to Robert, Claire, or Orders, in the subject you put something like “Cash Order shipped on 5/22?” or some such so as to get their attention and to have it stand out from the large numbers of e-mails they get every day.


I meant 5/18 as order date, not 5/28. The company seems to care if people are satisfied and for some reason if you do not receive, I am sure they will try again…


All right. I have sent them an email to see if my order even shipped since it still shows as pending (but with a note to send extra seeds because I guess I sent too much money) and a copy of the original email sent to me that stated they had received my payment and would ship on Friday the 22nd of May.

I am honestly happy for anyone that receives their order. This is not an emergency for me as I have seeds ordered from another place. Robert’s writings are the reasons for me wanting to buy from him.

The email inquiry went out with the suggested subject to orders, Claire and Robert.


*I am happy with my experience with ILGM…received crushed seeds and emailed Claire, she responded right away and had another shipment sent out-took a couple of weeks or so but the new ones arrived unscathed and are in! Thanks to all who made it a success! :wink: I’ll keep you posted on the progress :heart: :v: * Lisa


I received 10 ss and only 3 made it others was crushed, I am hoping to get my guarantee because I emailed Clair and sent pics of the situation. but shipping was stealth and ilgm is on there game and I hope I get took care of I plan on doing business in the near future again, thx ilgm


They will do exactly what they say they will. Don’t be afraid to trust ILGM. My first package was crushed. My 2nd was lost/stolen. And my 3rd they doubled my freebies it arrived in just 10 or 12 days. You guy’s have one very satisfied customer I will order again. Also I would love to see a few more strains and tee shirt’s would be awesome


You can’t beat this service! ILGM lives up to their promises and really want you to be happy!

Initially, I ordered in February 2015, but my package got nabbed by customs. They re-shipped my order AND gave me a full refund. But again, that order never came.
I wasn’t sure if I should ask them to send another shipment since they refunded my money, but ultimately decided that it couldn’t hurt to ask. Claire hated that I hadn’t received my product, explained that they had upped their stealth shipping, and was happy to ship for a 3rd time (at this point, they’ve not made a dime off me).

I received my package 11 business day later! And if them being free for my troubles wasn’t enough, they threw in 3 extra White Widow beans!

Just be patient and don’t hesitate to let them know if you don’t received your order. They def. made it right for me. I will order from here again.


I’ve been waiting since March 18, now on the third try… Many times in the past within 10 days from the Netherlands to US, I’ve received seeds from other seedbank. And many of their shipping methods were IMHO not stealth at all!

I’ll gladly give kudos if I ever receive seeds… But on the 25th, I’ll be asking for a refund. Then and only when or if I receive a refund (unless by some freakish chance my seeds do arrive!) Will I give ILGM any sort of rating… Right now… It’s been a TOTAL, total waste of time and money. Thanks to friends, clones and other seedbanks, I’ve not really been wanting… But so far, ridiculous.

Update: The 3rd TRY on the very last day of the waiting period came with Customs interception, notice. I sent photocopies of envelope and included customs siezure notice and Claire said she would send seeds again… At this point I’m just considering it a loss. I should have received by now seeds if they got through.

If I need seeds in the future I’ll use the usual suspects that always came through in ~ 12 or less days, and now I have access to a “name and address” not linked to me.

I guess I have give them something for trying… But I’m out my money, my name is likely on a customs list and I’ve been wasting time since March! 2 out of 5 stars…???


Umm, why are you responding directly to me? I don’t talk to anyone in the Netherlands on a daily basis or anything like that. And I don’t run the business. If something happened like the package getting intercepted by customs, that is beyond any business’s control, write your local politicians and get the laws changed.

Have you continued with the e-mail? Check your order confirmation e-mail for details but it should be or