ILGM Customer Experience


still nothing so far order Apr 3, 2015
haha totally spaced on the date be nice if it came today 4/20
i made another order the 14th try to double my chances of receiving something
shit sucks im running out of buds & plants
seeds my friends order from elsewhere turning hermy and being garbage
I assume all the options on ilgm are top shelf i dont want to order accidently buy poor genetics from some other site


Yoshi send email to Claire. That way she is sure to see it.


I did I think I click on her. Icon and sent a message , should I do it , how to e-mail her correctly .


Claire I purchase seeds 10 white widows and received them , 10 og Kush and received them as well , marijuana booster kit and received it as well , but I also purchased the plant protector package that I have yet to received . Have that portion of my order been shipped because all the other important materials has made it successfully but no plant protector products . You can e-mail me at so we can figure out how I can get my purchased products that has yet to show up . I have seeds and booster but no plant care products your help or response is much needed regarding this matter …thank you !


Well my beans came today good right NO they were all crushed mashed every one so :disappointed:


I’m missing plant care products that I ordered , the rest of my order has been delivered .


It’s now been a month since I placed 3 orders.
So far the first order was snagged in customs,Claire reshipped ,but it still hasn’t arrived.
My 2nd order came 2 weeks ago,no problems.
And my 3rd order is still MIA.

I placed 6 other orders with 2 other sites 2 weeks after I placed my orders here,and have had 5 of the 6 delivered uneventful,and the 6th being delivered today.
I know this because both offer tracked shipping.

Guess who is earning my long term business right now?


I received my order in 7 days. I had no issues in the ordering, shipping or receiving of my order. ILGM not only fulfilled their shipping promise but they provide the growing marijuana info. as well.

I am pleased.


I have recieved all of my ordered products as of today . Seeds (20) , booster nutrients (3) bottles , and plant protector care system (3) bottles . So the behalf of ILGM they have mailed all purchased products in a timely manner . As a customer I will purchased another 20-30 seeds , booster products , and plant protector in a couple of weeks to have a sure supply to help eliminate the wait process in between grows . So to all the “SKEPTICS” they service has been reliant and guaranteed , do to the obstructions of mailing internationally you have to exercise the same process with growing , which is mere “PATIENCE” and you will have to level of satisfaction using they products that’s offered . Thank you Robert and the ILGM whole team for substance , reliability , and gratitude , I am not by no way trying to manipulate or convince any patrons , I’m just speaking on personal experience , they do deliver what is purchased to the consumer …Happy Growing and quality Stoner Smoke !!!


received order from 14th
still nothing so far order Apr 3, 2015


A lot depends on location I think , some orders come faster than others , but if your payment has been processed you will get your products , give it time as everything else about growing requires !!!


We’ll, no happy ending for me. Claire promptly reshipped my order. Arrived within two weeks. Seeds were smashed into a powder. I guess three times per order is a charm because this time, Claire offered to refund my money. I still have another order open with them that is overdue, but not yet 30 business days. I really wanted to do business with ILGM more, but if they can’t get seeds past customs, there is no point in trying, even if they are very nice people and very customer friendly.


same here. Reship and wait.


Still waiting on my order which was placed on 3/11, shipped 3/24. Getting pretty close to the 30 business day mark and I have been nothing but patient. Although I am starting to lose faith that my original order will ever show up at this point.


Received my pkg finally but had been opened then sealed again by customs. Now what, Claire or Robert?


I see most everyone dealing with Claire.


For a minute I thought I was , but I email her if everything I ordered was mailed , she said yes , I had no reason to doubt it because seeds and booster had made it already , and today remaining of package came . I’m sure they are pros and cons , and this a business . Now change positions as ILGM was a customer and you was the supplier , how would you follow protocol ?


OK, check out the rest of the forum. Obviously people are getting their seeds. Yes, obviously some are not, but if you do watch, sooner or later most of those people do get their re-ship if that is what they want, or when they request a refund, they do get that also.

Be patient, especially near the weekend, they do not work on the weekends, maybe that is a Netherlands thing, and they won’t see your e-mail for a few days if it was sent late on a Friday or something.

No one is intentionally screwing with anyone, but the nature of this type of transaction, you guys do realize, even if you have medical cards and it is legal even for recreational, it is still illegal to ship cannabis seeds to the USA.

Get a grip guys, if you work with them you will get what you ordered, if you aren’t that patient, you will get your money back. End of story!

Contact Claire or, directly.

Complaining here in a public forum doesn’t really help you much, it doesn’t make things happen faster, and if anything, it just bring even more attention to your internet activity and alerts any govment spies that want to ping your IP address, to find out where in the world you really are, that you are expecting something in the mail, duh. lol.


“Government spies” that want to ping your IP address, to find out where in the world you really are.

Seriously Mac? You couldn’t be anymore dead wrong there,being a retired IT professional “legal”,I can tell you that’s a bunch of hooie you’re selling there.
Come back down to reality dude.I can tell you with confidence that’s never going to happen.Make sure you know what you’re talking about next time and save yourself embarrassment next time.
All you doing is trying to put out a raging fire of angry customers that spent good money faithfully and that are getting nothing in return but excuses and a run around.



You obviously haven’t been paying attention if you don’t think something like what I said is not possible. The NSA has had its toes in everything. But that isn’t even the point, look around plenty of people are getting their seeds just fine,

Work with them or don’t, I could really care less what you think. I got my seeds, lots of people also have got their seeds. I see no fire to put out, just more and more whiny people looking like little complaining jerks.