ILGM Customer Experience


I’m pleased to say I got one of my 3 orders today. t sure which one it is though.I’m pretty sure it’s not the first one because it was snagged by customs.And I just got conformation from Clair that it had just reshipped :smiley: The shipment I got today was mixed in with something that looks like my purchased item and you had to find them,but no way to tell which strain it is.
Anyone out there that knows how to tell?


Hey russ, I’ve been following yours and few others stories that been having issues receiving their orders. I’m glad to hear one of them made it through. I have been patiently waiting for my own order which was shipped out on 3/24. Nothing in the mail today, so keeping my hopes up based off of your good fortune.


Well here I sit I got an email last Friday that my order would reship and now One week later no shipping confirmation. what is up. trying not to complain but what should I do. just be a quiet little boy? it is starting to look like the i wont get my order.


Still waiting on my 3rd order and the reship.



just got email my order reshipped :smiley:now will see if it makes it here :worried:


:heart: Just wanted to take a minute to update the forum on my seed purchase. I received the “second” set of seeds two days ago. It only took 10 days for the seeds to arrive … just like my order last year. I have no idea what happened to the first order I put in on Feb. 2nd. Maybe customs took it.

The seeds arrived in good condition … the only problem I had was locating them in the “stealth” packaging. I’d say it took me about 15 minutes to find all 20 seeds.

This is my 2nd year growing outside in pots and I’m excited to get started again.

Thanks Claire and the entire team for all your help and great service!


I just wanted to add one other thing … the stealth packaging did not identify which seeds were in which bag. I ordered 2 different types … Sativa and Indica … and won’t know which they are until they start growing.

Is there any way in the future to “stealthily” identify your seeds?



Russ … I had the same problem with my order of two different kinds of seeds. There was no way to tell which was which. I guess I’ll just have to wait until they grow to find out which strain I planted.


Check your e-mail, it should have some tips on how to identify which is which.


yeah customs suck my first of four orders i made in one week never came
finally my first order empty green tape package came on the 31st business day
another 30+ business days still no sign of the reshipment
had them include the seeds with my next new order today is the 10th business of that order
nothing so far heres hoping something shows up cause i absolutely loved the seeds from the orders that did show up
first grow ever tried doing it by myself plants were all yellow burnt clawed and mutated
but still somehow produce some of the most frosty and delicious buds i have ever smoked

hopefully ILGM sorts this customs shit out i need latewood & MacGyverStoner help me with 2nd try i cant even imagine how much better shit will be when i actually take good care of my babies


I’m glad we could help. Apparently customs is just grabbing a ton of shipments right now, regardless if they are from ILGM or another seed bank, I guess it has some seasonality to it. From what I’m hearing, ILGM does have some new stealth methods that are working very good. I know I received a package just a couple of days ago undamaged and unopened. Remember keep working with them through the e-mail at ILGM listed above and you are sure to get your stuff eventually.


MacGyverstoner,I think the customs problem has to do with where the shipping originates,I’ve placed 6 orders with 2 other sites(from other countries other than The Netherlands),after I had ordered from this site.
I’ve gotten 4 of the 6 orders so far,both companies offered tracked supersteath,and while tracking I noticed none of the packages had gone through customs once landed in the USA.
So far using other sites,the longest I’ve waited was 8 days.
There must be a better way,the other guys seem to be having no problems.


Well I’m sure anything from the Netherlands might catch someones scrutiny a little more, lol. And my package I ordered on the first was here in less than ten days no problem, hopefully the new methods will work for everyone.


Nice to hear Good-News !
Happy Growing !


I order made it , now if my booster can make and plant care system , I should be able to start over and cross my fingers and toes and ask Mother Nature to help me to get to finish with some quality dense tasting pain , anxiety and stress reliever natural herbs !!!


I would like to thank the ilgm staff , Claire specifically, for all of their help. I did have to wait some time for my products. However, I think that although many people have had issues getting what they ordered in a timely fashion, no one has mentioned the fact that you ARE BUYING SEEDS THAT ARE NOT LEGALLY WELCOME IN MOST COUNTRIES!!! Thanks Robert and your crew for being the people who got it together enough to make sure the rest of us could get a hold of their product. I did have to wait through several ordering and waiting processes but I now have what I paid for. So if your just an impatient drug addict don’t waste your time growing just go buy a bag…


I just need the seeds for my grandpa, he loves to smoke good pot, grown from seed, poor guy was in world 2 war an has no arms to grow due to protecting U.k please don’t let the ol man down he gets so much pain, please help the ol guy he loves u guys !


Booster made , seeds made it , now waiting for the plant protector products .


Well this great looks like more getting past customs. I’m still waiting for a resend from early March.


Ok Claire I’m being patient and hopefully you all didn’t forget my plant protector order , now my seeds and booster made it just fine , but still waiting on plant protector pack , all 3 of them , so can you guys please get the sent out thank you .