ILGM Customer Experience


Yes latewood… it surely “Was Not” - ILGM… that never responded to me, as every single post I write I get a personal response. I am very happy thus far regarding Customer Service, I assure you.
My thoughts on this matter, also… I must say… I for one placed my order(s) far later than I normally do. I have always ordered by Jan 1st., for my coming grow season. I only once, in the past decade have had my order seized by US Customs… and lucky for me, It was through a “guaranteed” shipping. As my second attempt from that order was fast and very crafty.
My thoughts are come Feb-April, the dick-heads at Customs are fully aware that the growing season is upcoming. Therefore, much more alert for international orders. This, of course is a huge ass bummer for us all. Yet, absolutely No Fault of the company, as long as they did indeed use their best stealth method. Just tough luck for us, as Yes, we all are fully aware of the risks.
My complaint on my first order was, there was no indication at all that the shipment was packaged in a discreet / stealth manner. Most times Customs seizes beans, they eventually do forward along whatever else they were packaged with. At least, most all seizures I’ve read about and have personally known have. In this particular incident, there was not but the very small bubble envelope and that “Damn Dreaded Mail Interception” Notice.
Believe me, I will never again wait until the first week of Feb. to place my order. Nope… lesson well learned…
I’m still anxiously watching my mail… yet, every passing day… I’m getting quite skeptical…
Will Post, just as soon as I know anything… one way or another.


Thanks :smiley:


My seedbank has been active for a number of years, shipping worldwide. We have achieved a very good delivery rate with our unique stealth. As one of the only seedbanks out there, we promise a free reshipment if your order does not arrive. We are not even fussy about full refunds.

Since december 2014 it seems US customs stepped up their checks, and our delivery rates declined. From about 1% interception in 2014 to around 5% in the last months. Not dramatic, but still very inconvenient for the customers involved.

At the same time, we are serving a LOT of customers.

When you combine a higher interception rate, with a doubling and tripling of orders placed, then obviously more complaints and unhappy customers will be seen.

Please trust me when I say for every complaint here in this thread, we have over a 100 succesfull deliveries. (But they keep silent of course, as I advise :wink:

Even though this forum is paid for us to provide free grow support, we leave all feedback online here in this thread. We do need to have some rules:

  • no order details. For your and our security
  • no stealth shipping details
  • posts can be edited, to improve comprehension for the casual reader
  • extended discussions, noise and unnecessary replies can be removed
  • no promoting of other seedbanks

I use the revenues of the seedbank to keep this forum online. I want to give everybody the chance to learn how to grow marijuana, it is such a wonderfull plant :slight_smile: Pleas be positive, patient and caring. Life will be good to you.

Happy growing,

Robert Bergman


Order shipped March 18th,… received April 04.
With US custom Inspection tape.
Stealth Item was included, yet, torn “APART” !
No Beans to be found.
Already emailed Robert with attached photos…
It’s obvious Customs is getting very aggressive with search. Perhaps due to the seasonal change.

Only can Pray, my re-send will make it…
Will be waiting reply.


I hear ya… hate watching for the damn mail every single day… it’s good to actually know, one way or another. Even if it’s the “Dreaded Intercepted Package”, at least then you can continue on to step two… then “Pray that one makes it…” I have Never had issues like this,. ever !
Customs must have had a huge ass meeting or such, to step up their search procedures… I can only hope the companies will come up with something different regarding their stealth shipping, as this procedure is old school, and obviously failed… Yet, I placed an order with a different company before I placed with “ilgm”, and they offered *not guarantee re-ship… that order was seized too…
Certainly haven’t had good-luck at all… “Yet”… as ilgm states… “You will receive your shipment eventually”… which is more than I can say for the company from my first attempted shipment. Alot of $$$ and many High-Hopes… gone down the drain. ILGM…" Robert ", & staff… I’m counting on you.


I just tried to germinate my seeds white widow 100%, OG 100%. But my Purpel Haze only one seed out of ten was sucseesful. Do i have any guarantee?


I want to say I have great experience with them they say they back up there product and they do I had some of mine not germinate and within a week I had my in my mail box


How do go about getting refund either my seeds were not shipped or the was taken by custom really looked forward to get my ten seeds but have received nothing they said they would resin it but that took almost 2 weeks to ship I believe in paying for what you get and I got nothing and I am ready to raise a little heel about it I don’t want to business with somebody who don’t even have phone number to call if you guys are making so much money they need to invest more in customer service!


Let’s see, I have never heard of anyone not getting their stuff or a refund, if that is what they choose. Otherwise, I’ve never been to Amsterdam and I’ve never worked for customs and so I have no idea what is up with your order. If you’ve read the above, then you already read some of my guesses as to what might be going on.

A phone number? Really? Not only is the time difference such that when we might want to talk to someone, they are probably asleep or at home with their families, and even as much business as they might do, it is mostly a small operation. It might be 8 hours or more before they even get to read your e-mail, have some patience. And the vast majority of other seed banks, not only do they not have a phone number, they don’t even have an open forum like this. And obviously they did invest recently in a ton of stuff to try and improve their web-site and the forum.

Keep trying through your normal e-mail contacts like

Otherwise, I’m mostly here to help people figure out how to grow, not how the world works. Again, write your politicians and get cannabis fully legal for all adults.


I’m happy to say Clair emailed me today and stated they would be reshipping the order that customs intercepted :smiley:

I’m still waiting for the other orders I placed several days after the first one,but it’s only been 2 weeks since I placed those :wink:


Still awaiting reply… Trying to be patient…


we all are…waiting on reshipping


We placed an order on March 4th and have not received anything as of today!


I have received a reply regarding my reship…
Now just awaiting shipping confirmation, which Im sure will follow shortly.
Thank You for your reassurance.

I would like to add, stealth shipping methods do indeed, require rather crafty, clever ideas. I understand once Customs Intercepts a shipment that utilizes a stealth method, kind of kills that one for all others. With the exceptions of the lucky orders that just so happen get through that Customs agent who is not quite as diligent on the day your order is processed.
ILGM is “not” the only company that is having issues with orders not arriving.

The fact that ILGM has guaranteed shipping along with the fact that one actually receives acknowledgement from Robert, Clair or another sales rep., letting you know they are indeed working on resolve, speaks for itself. Believe me, it’s alot more than I can say for “two” other fairly reputable companies.


I too have ordered the first two came with out any problems and 3/4 became good little girls.but my last order was opened and a movie was switched for my order.the movie title was ( taken ) :slight_smile: at least custom has a sense of humor. But I was told it would be shipped agian.but I am still waiting


Looks like I’m in the same boat. I placed my first order at the end of January. I emailed Claire on Friday the 13th, the 30th business day. Figures. Anyway, Claire promptly emailed me back and had the order resent later that week. It arrived this past Friday with the green tape and a DVD too. I got Man on Fire with Denzel. I again emailed Claire, and first thing Monday morning, I had an email from Claire stating they will resend again. In the meantime, I placed a separate order, just waiting on that.

I know it’s hard to be patient. I do have every confidence in ILGM, they will make it right. Just be courteous. Maybe it would help to send them a picture of the failed stealth packaging, so they know what doesn’t work.


That CD method obviously failed several times.
ILGM, you certainly need to retire that one. Customs literally tore the damn thing apart… ( I did forward photos along with my email). They certainly have been very aggressive, as I’ve been researching orders received, or not… and “not” just from ILGM… seems as though it’s almost down to 50/50 odds.
Any company shipping to US. should use their utmost best discreet stealth method, especially now. For unknown reasons, their Interceptions are unusually very high and they seem to be going to extreme lengths to grab our beans.
Let it be known, “I’m not relating just to ILGM”… but to many out of country seedbanks.
Time for us US. growers, especially in States of legalization to gather together and put a stop to these seizures. In my opinion they’re stealing from us… as we all paid good money to obtain our seeds. If the order is coming into a State that has passed legalization, whether its only for medicinal purpose or full legalization… they have no right to seize those orders.
More than likely, many of those agents are growing themselves a fine ass crop,… thanks to us all !!


Well Latewood ol’ buddy,I ordered from this site 3/22/15 and placed 2 more orders from this site 3/25/15 and 3/26/15.The first one came 4/3/15 and was opened and picked clean by customs.the 2nd and 3rd Ive not seen.
On 4/1/15 I and 4/3/15 placed 3 orders with another site and received all 3 today 4/9/15.
Soooo who’s the better bargain and has better customer service? Here sitting and waiting not knowing,or getting your purchased items quickly without any hassle at all?
Sorry Bud,but service speaks very loudly in my domain,not sure what’s in yours.

Just sayin’.

Sorry to seem harsh,but some of us have a grow schedule,and can’t afford to wait for product. For any reason!!!


I own a business, retail… and I have had many, many international orders, “Worldwide”… every corner of this globe, arriving at the same address I always use. Yet, not one… “ever” has been torn apart and slaughtered as that last. In fact, to my knowledge… in this last decade I’ve been ordering for my business, never have I received anything related to it arrive in the condition of that package.
I just stated the fact that particular “stealth Method” should be retired… and you’re totally correct, there is nothing about the Stealth properties that targets any one person, nor and one company. However,… It does take someone with a bit of thought process to incorporate items in a “Discreet and Stealthy” way… so they may not be found. Is that not what it’s all about.
I would gladly pay extra for shipping, to have my items arrive unviolated.


Dear Robert, I would like to thank you for a quick and responsive action to my seed problem.Only 14 of 20 germinated and you in no time resolved it.I have a new order on its way! As I mentioned in my original response and am not a novice and once I get more comfortable with this way of communicating I will definitely start to share my knowledge.I have a degree in Agronomy and literally have been growing grass for 35 years! Again Thanks, William