ILGM Customer Experience


@latewood @Mudcrab01 Thanks guys, I expect the reship to arrive without issue.


@Mudcrab01 do you have an update?


Nothing received as yet think it is day 12 today for the reship.


They shipped on the 5th? @Mudcrab01


8th from the email…they say it can take up to 25 business days…waited 25 the first time and then reshipped.


Being patient is becoming my middle name but I fear they will never arrive…


I gotcha. Unfortunately once they leave the shipping, hard to tell what they are going through.


Thank God I (my dad) found ilgm. Love the website, love the people, and love the ordering.
I’ll keep it plain and simple. I ordered some gold leaf and within the “average” amount of delivery time they arrived pretty as can be. Going to start up a grow with them once my current one is finished. Great website great people and I can’t wait to try the great seeds.
You have a lifelong customer and member in me.


Reship arrived today :blush::+1:


awesome @Mudcrab01, ilgm will not let you down!


Yes they got it here and there was no fuss they just got on with the job and it came must say I had no doubt they would try but not that sure it would make it…:joy::joy::joy:


Awesome! That’s great news buddy.
I got to be honest after my first shipment arrived so well a couple days ago, I just sent out a second order today hahaha! I would love over the course of a year or two to slowly be able to build up a nice stock of I love’s beans.
Wow what a great site with a great group of people. I can’t wait to start my first journal with I Love’s beans.
Thanks to everyone behind the scenes who helps with the ordering and once again thanks to everyone who helps with this forum. Amazing website with an amazing group of people. Thanks for everything again I’m so excited to start my new grow w my goldleaf, I want these ones to finish now!
Have a good morning everyone.


You’re right @BIGE !
They do a great job with lots of communication. When my first order arrived so well and in such great shape and in a short amount of time they got me hooked for life. They already had me with the forum but with the seeds coming so easily… yeah I’m a lifelong member now. Lol.
enjoy your growing and have a nice morning


There’s no limit to pleasing costumers with ILGM. It appears that ILGM and its staff are Not prejudice to the rich the poor or the unfortunate.They will treat all with sometimes more than deserved respect whether you spend $300 or $3, A quick experience example,Over a year ago I talked my friend into dropping the free seedsco. and buy with me from ILGM,He gave it a try and the quality of product and service was much better and they have always been on or before time considering where they ship from to me,we usually don’t buy a large amount but we are regularly consistent in the amount we do get grow for grow,A little friendly competition thing my friend and I do with the great service and products we get from ILGM.So,occasionally(to be expected)we might get a seed that don’t pop(germinate) Today my friend came to look at my grow in comparison to his(we share the seeds we get from ILGM)So he began by laughing and ribbing me about one seed that didn’t pop from our last order approximately a month ago and I told him I had e-mailed ILGM and they will take care of it as they have always promptly satisfied any issues,Just before my friend was about to leave my daughter asked if I was expecting a package and I was from amazon so I opened it and was openly Excited! and laughing and happy because it wasn’t what I was expecting,It was replacement seeds from ILGM what perfect timing!My friend was speechless other than asking if I would sell him a couple seeds and that he will not go back to the free seedsco again after seeing How ILGM treats their costumers with his own eyes.LOL Perfect timing for costumer relations ILGM,THANK YOU!


I’ve had a different experience.
I have ordered with ILGM 4 times from Australia and have never received a single seed. Twice I didn’t pay the extra for guaranteed but the other two times I did…still nothing.
Just FYI.


ive ordered maybe 5 sets of seeds give or take…overall unsatisfactory imo

first set of 10, i got 5 out of it…50-50 thats not bad…took a month to get to me (around 25 days)
next set of 10 7/10…thought hey this could be awesome
next set of 5…3 came up…
next set of 5…0
get a free set of 5…0

with it taking 25 days to reach me and getting nothing from it, then waiting another 25 days and getting nothing from it, ive switch to canuk seeds…more money but hey, i dont wait for 2 months to realize i need another month to MAYBE get one to come up…

and for those thinking it might be my system, its not lol, ive been cloning some of my first grows ever since i started np, the seeds that came out of the seed np, canuk seeds np…but a majority of ILGM seeds…they fail more than they dont and they take a month each “try”

just beware when you get your seeds, you wont get above half what you pay for more often than not, and if you dont, expect a long wait for another try…and even then…if its like for me it wont work again lol

so to summarize, even if you need to spend more money, its worth it when in the end you actually end up with a plant and time to grow rather than a tiny pebble called a seed that nothing comes out of lol

but thats just what has happened to me, i see alot of good reviews so maybe they just got lucky or they dont mind having half or more of their seeds not come up…but for me and esp the time involved, not worth it